Themed Getaways Presents the Prison Break Vacation Tour

clinton-prisonThis 3 day 4 night excursion will take you to the heart upstate New York where you will experience first hand the prison escape of David Sweat and Richard Matt from the Clinton Correctional Facility in beautiful Dannemora, NY.   While staying at the luxurious 3 star Comfort Inn in downtown Dannemora your trip will start with a Friday Night Cocktail party celebrating the capture and shooting of these notorious criminals.  Then on Saturday you will tour the prison and see where these thugs sawed and drilled their way to freedom just outside the prison.  Lunch will be served in the prison cafeteria.

After that we will drive to the Lake Placid Farmhouse café for a sumptuous dinner.  Some of the best in all of New York.  On Sunday we will trace the fugitives steps to the cabin in the woods.  This leg of the trip will be hosted by none other than Joyce Mitchell’s husband, Lyle.  Her conviction as the first accomplice makes his story incredible.  He will guide you through the woods to the infamous peanut butter DNA cabin.  As we explore the woods around the cabin an examine various hideout locations a box lunch will be provided.  You can feel the desperation as these fugitives ran through the woods using pepper spray to mask their scent from the dogs.   Each of you will be provided your own can of this so you can immerse yourself in the experience.

Sunday night you have some free time to explore the town and choose a restaurant of your choosing.  Then Monday, we will follow the path that Richard Matt  and David Sweat took to Malone New York.  You will see where Richard Matt tried to shoot it out with the police.  You will meet the camper driver who made the call when a stray shot went into his camper.  Then onto the field where David Sweat was shot in the back twice.  We will go by the hospital where he was taken after being shot.

So sign up today for the Prison Break Tour.  There is nothing else like it.  Feel what the fugitives felt as they ran for their lives.  Meet the people who lived it.  Experience the intense manhunt and see how history was made.

Continental breakfast at the Comfort Inn is provided each morning.

This Is Why Americans Are Being Killed Around the World

Obama laments the distorted view Americans have of Muslims.  Terrorist acts are up substantially.  More Americans have been killed by Islamic terrorists last year than in any year previously.  Our president continues to pretend that Islamic terrorists, Muslim radicals, do not exist.  His approach:

Lead to the rise of ISIS.

Lead to American deaths.

Is Leading to the Loss of Iraq

Is Leading to the Loss of Afghanistan

Will lead to countless more deaths.

Frankly, when I see an image of a Muslim with a knife beheading Christians, I don’t have a distorted view.  I see a religious fanatic committing murder in the name of his religion.  That religion is Islam.  Look around the world today; Boka Haram,  Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS.  These are not Christian groups, Jewish groups, Hindu’s, Buddhists, or Greek Pagans.  Nope, they are Muslims.  I would like to lament that we have a president that consistently puts Americans at risk in favor of a politically correct theoretical view completely in la la land.   

Those whose death he is responsible for will never have a chance to speak up.  His theory kills real people.

Using Death For Political Gain — NBC and Barrack Obama

How many more Dylanns are there?

Journalism is dead in America.  Instead we have Pravda, the NBC 1960s Russian affiliate spewing propaganda with zero conscience.  Friday, the nightly news with Lester Holt ended its coverage of the Charlotte, NC tragedy with the comment that “gun control was likely to be a big issue in the 2016 presidential race.”  How absolutely crass, cold and opportunistic is that?  Let’s stomp on the victims memories with political manipulation.

We have all heard it.  Immediately after a tragedy makes big headlines, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others start preaching the need for gun control.  They do not wait for the families to grieve or respect the victims.  Instead, they attempt to used that event to push their personal political agendas.  NBC this week was in fine form as they followed the President’s lead.  There are so many approaches that NBC could have taken that could have both honored the families of the victims and had a measurable positive impact on society.  Instead of addressing the cause, they parroted the President’s agenda.

The real cause of this tragedy is Dylann Roof who chose to commit this heinous act.  The secondary causes are the sources of information that bred such hate in this man.  NBC certainly could have focused on the hate web sites and groups that still remain as social outliers in this society.  They could have made points about the wrongness of hate and contrasted this to the forgiveness shown by the victims’ families.  If through NBC‘s reporting one person reconsidered their approach to race many more lives would be saved and they would have done real journalism not just parroted a political agenda.

They could also have reported on Dylann’s family and what steps led up to this.  Why would the dad give him a gun?  Was the family familiar with his intentions? Did the family support this?  What about his friends, why did they not speak up?  Do they have the same views?  Are there more Dylann’s lurking in the weeds of Charlotte?

Even within the scope of gun control NBC did not report on the huge death toll in Chicago,  or the increased homicides in NY where there are gun control laws.  Why do they not report on these greater tragedies.  Is the value of life less important than their agenda?  It seems so.

By failing to do honest reporting NBC leaves us all at risk while demeaning the memory and sacrifice of the victims.  Shame on NBC.

A Government That Kills Its Own Citizens – America Lives Matter

A government that purposefully releases 10,000s, 5000 alone in Arizona,  of criminals back onto the streets without their being prosecuted does not deserve to remain in power.  Hundreds of American citizens have been killed as a result of this release.  Still, Obama remains in power and is still attempting to keep illegal aliens from being deported or incarcerated.  When it becomes your spouse or child that is killed, will you still support this government.

According to the state department’s own figures, worldwide terrorism is up.  This has resulted in more Americans being killed. This is a direct result of our foreign policy.

Obamacare, through lack of access and the destruction of coverage that was working has killed a number of Americans.

What about veteran deaths from VA mismanagement?

How about an new mantra, “American Lives Matter”.  The media CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC should be yelling this from the rooftop.   As supporters, protectors, and parrots of the Obama line they are equally responsible for these deaths.  American lives do matter, so why is our government so insensitive to preserving those lives.  Liberal policy, whether socialist or communist devalues life as less important than policy.  We see the results in the death of American.

American lives do matter.  If we value them, we will all prosper more and our current regime would not be in power.

Lynch the White Girl

Ok, I am not really serious about that, but there is no question that Rachel Donezal needs to be prosecuted by the Spokane, WA. prosecutor’s office.   Over a host of years she received salary and snookered donors into giving 10’s of thousands of dollars to the Spokane, WA chapter of the NAACP.  Legally, that is fraud.  In terms of dollars, it is huge fraud.  There is no excuse for her not to be prosecuted.   What she has done is a form of identity theft.

If she is not prosecuted then everyone who commits identity theft will have a ready made defense.  Below are a few lines from identity thieves after Rachel gets away with this.

“You can’t arrest me, my name really is Donald Trump.”

“I don’t have to prove I am a doctor, you can take my word for it.”

“That is my natural skin color.”

“I have to have those meds I am disabled.” (Happens every day.!)

“If you don’t hire me I will sue you as a black person.”

“You did not prosecute Ms. Donezal.”

“I believe I am an Indian so can only be prosecuted on the reservation.”

This girl left the mental reservation, committed huge fraud and is dancing in fame.  How whacked is that?  Our legal system is about to come crashing down.

Because I Say So

If things were true just because people said so, we would live in a world much like the one we are experiencing.  Rachel Donezal decided she was black and for years no one revealed the truth about her.  Her parents were not hidden, her lawsuit as a white chick against Howard University was not hidden.  She just said, “I am black.”  and like magic, she was.    Still no matter how you look at it she had and always had anglo genes.  No matter of imagination would ever make her black.

But, she continues, “I am a black girl in a white chicks body.”  Would that make it true?  What if she were to have a race change operation?  (Exchange her white skin for black skin.)   Would that make her black?   How about a face tattoo changing the color of her skin?  Does that make her black?

Much of the media CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC have given her a platform to try and redeem herself.  She committed fraud, collected 100,000s in salary, lied to everyone she dealt with and still much of the media gives her a pass.  My goodness,  the misrepresentation to get salary is worth 10+ years in jail and restitution.  Where is the call for that?

So lets just say this is ok in our world, what else would be ok?

What if I say that I am a rich guy in a poor guy’s body?   Will  the Mercedes lot let me drive away and finance  a  Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe and just believe that I can pay for it.  ($215,000)

What if I say that I am an ace airline pilot in a blind man’s body? Would Delta let me fly their planes?

What if I say I am a woman in a man’s body?  Will I ever get pregnant?

What if I am a convicted murderer in jail and I say that I am not?  Can I just tell them I am not a criminal and they let me out?

What if I say that someone is a child abuser?  Does that make him or her so?  Shouldn’t they be jailed just because I say so.

Instead of looking for truth our world is running on feelings and wishes.  Bruce Jenner will never get pregnant and Rachel Donezal will never be black.    If the new and society focused on reality we would be far better off.   From a news standpoint some things that don’t fix the facts:

Telling everyone the economy is better.

Telling everyone that Obamacare is a success.

Telling everyone that our borders are secure.

Telling everyone that ISIS is losing.

Telling everyone that there is no crime in Benghazi, with the IRS, or the Clinton Foundation.

A lot of people fall for these lines until they run into the facts.  The media banks on blind acceptance of the lies as most of the people are too absorbed in electronics, TV, or drugs to care.  They can be herded.  When they wake up, will the media be held accountable.  1984 does not last forever.

Truth Matters

Whether you believe the 10 commandments came from God or man, some of those rules prevent civilization from disintegrating.  Thou shall not bear false witness; thou shall not covet; thou shall not commit adultery; thou shall not steal and thou shall not commit murder are the ones that come to mind.  As a society, the backbone of common law has been built on these concepts.  When these values break down, such as in Chicago, or the Middle East, mass murder and death ensue.   Forget the Duggars and the moral overhead, when much of society quits following the five rules listed above, the future of that society is at risk.  That is where we in the US find ourselves today.

This morning a man attacked the Dallas police department headquarters with the intent of killing as many Dallas police officers as possible.  He certainly did not place a high value on the thou shalt not kill commandment.  Those in the inner city stealing, killing and coveting over their desire for drugs certainly don’t hold those principles.   When this lack of respect for these basic values predominate the result is chaos and death.

More disturbing is when the media and the government no longer adhere to these principles.  The example they set filters into the rest of society destroying its very fabric.   When a narrative of “Hand Up Don’t Shoot”  which was based completely on a lie generates protests, riots, death and destruction, the media that fostered this story is 100% responsible.  When the government uses that same narrative to take over police departments it too is responsible for the lack of policing that follows.  That is why deaths are up dramatically in Baltimore.

The attitude from both the current regime and much of the media is that the ends justify the means.  History is replete with those who had the same attitude. When CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC or FOX News report a story based on a truth they want to promote and not based on truth, bad things happen.  When the idea that racism is pervasive in police departments is promoted even with massive evidence in most cases to the contrary, the idea takes root and people protest the non-existent racism resulting in death and destruction.  When media reports about a Trayvonn Martin are doctored more people get hurt.

Whether in Nazi Germany, the Old Soviet Union or today’s China, media control or influence by the government results in death and chaos.  The fact that the media no longer holds truth in high regard means much of society will no longer hold that value.  Every lie, every misreporting that is agenda driven and not fact driven damages society and hurts innocent people.  If this trend does not reverse,  no personal property, no freedom and no lives will be worth anything.  There will come a time this impacts those in the media, where their families will be harmed by inner city violence as it spreads to the suburbs and beyond.  I wonder, if when that occurs they will make the connection.

Had they not chosen the glorify lies, to parrot government speak,  to ignore inner city deaths, to covet influence over society then the damage would not have occurred.  We already  see some of the damage as median incomes have fallen, as there are more people on food stamps than ever before,  as even at $2.50 gas prices are artificially high, and as death reigns in the inner cities.  Sadly there is little impact I can have.  It is up to each individual to hold these basic principles at priorities.  If society does this we will all prosper.  As long as society as led by the media and the government do not uphold these values we will continue to see a decline into chaos, an increase in poverty and the disintegration of society.

Corruption– Why you can’t trust the news?

In 2008 the Clinton Foundation gave $100,000 dollars to the NY Times charity campaign, but the NY Times failed to list this contribution.  Of course the NY Times has a history of protecting and promoting liberals, particularly the Clintons.  Why do you think they did not publicly list this contribution?

Regularly we see the Whitehouse say something and this is followed by CBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC saying the same exact thing, often word for word.  There in no reporting going on in these stories, just parroting the government line.  What if it is more than just lazy reporting or ideology?   What if the government has found a way to funnel cash into these networks in exchange for blanket repetition of government propaganda?  What if that cash also provides for the suppression of stories that are not favorable to the government?

In 2013 Federal Agencies spent $892 million on advertising.  That is almost a billion dollars by which the government can buy media support.  Our own tax dollars going to fund propaganda.    That is just one way the government funnels money to news organizations.   I am sure that it is just the tip of the corruption chain.  What about the Clinton Foundation, Media Matters, Unions etc?   It is an endless chain of money to buy the media’s cooperation.

Perhaps the media does not have a liberal bias, perhaps it is just bought and paid for.  I am pretty sure that no one in the media has the courage to expose this.  It is a shame, since at one time reporters were the bravest among us.  Now they are nothing more than parrots and sheep.

Obamacare – Deathcare

Tens of thousands lost their doctors.  Millions of American lost their insurance. Millions more now pay substantially more out of their own pockets for health insurance for substantially less benefit.  Yet, Obama this week claimed that Obamacare Works.  The only measure that indicates that this program works is that some insurance companies are making a lot more profit than they were before this program was enacted.  The program does not work, has never worked and costs lives, and livelihoods.

Congress has the numbers and the power to abolish this program and override a veto as it remains so unpopular that even senate democrats will vote to abolish it, if they are presented with the bill as a campaign issue.  The insurance companies that are making more lobby to keep Obamacare, often more out of fear than true desire.   ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC all continue to support it because it fits their agenda and provides ad dollars from the insurance companies.  In fact, these outlets are as responsible for this law remaining in effect as is Congress.

Obamacare won’t pay for a head transplant, (we can understand why this is experimental)  but cutting out the best cancer drugs and doctors has already caused the loss of life.  Every time one of these stories is ignored by ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, or FOX News these organizations along with Congress are responsible for murder.   Most of the media ignores the truth and continues to put out false information about these programs.

Whether they do so because they improve their profits, or because of ideology, or because of political pressure does not matter.  They are, by law, supposed to foster the public good.  This is one area among many where they have not only fostered public harm, but continue to do so.  As Obama Praises Obamacare this week, none of them challenged him, or publically excoriated a program that continues to harm Americans by the millions.  By that standard their license to be on the airwaves should be revoked.

Congress needs to cancel this program lock stock and barrel.  Pay for play in this area continues to cost American lives and make millions of Americans poorer and at greater health risk than ever before.  It is almost impossible to boycott every news organization but every Congressman that does not successfully repeal this law needs to be voted out. Period.  Every candidate that does not actively work toward its repeal needs to be not elected.  It is time to take back our lives in this area.

Choosing Between Brain Freeze, Heaven or Hell

Recent research has shown that Cryogenic preservation can preserve memories even after the frozen brain thaws.  Of course, the research has only been performed on nematodes (worms), but for the 300 people who have already had their brains and bodies frozen this is good news.  Prior to this research they did not even know if their memories would be intact whenever science progressed to the point of trying to restore them to life.  There are some interesting questions that cryogenic preservation raises.

If you have your brain frozen for cryogenic preservation do you wind up with a permanent brain freeze?  Ugh!!!

If you are thawed and still dead can you be refrozen so they can try again later.

How long until you get freezer burn?

Does freezer burn keep you from being reanimated?

What happens if you are reanimated but like Frankenstein, do you get a refund?  Could you spend it?

Do you get to star in your own movie?  Perhaps you should have already let it go!

Does your soul return once you are thawed?

Will being frozen keep you cool in hell?

Will you develop a obsessive fear of power outages?

If you had accepted Christ before being frozen would you want to come back, even if you could?

Perhaps they should transfer your memories into a worm to preserve them.

Cryogenic preservation is the perfect business.  Your clients will never complain and they will keep paying you forever. The existence of a business that freezes you deadness with the idea of bringing you back to live later is proof that people will believe anything.  Of course having Obama in the Whitehouse proves that as well.

There is only one way to have eternal life.  Only one guy in history that came back, and his brain was not frozen, he did not bank on false hope, and he opened the door for everyone.  The eternal salvation and life he provides is free and open to every one.