Framing the Donald

From the Farm: Today promises (given sufficient health and energy) to be a busy day. I have some building to work on for the future chickens and to support climbing onto a horse. I started to condition the leather on the saddle I bought last night. This is going to a major task with replacing the latigo and ties as well as reconditioning the leather with 5 or 6 coats. It will take that to get the leather supple again. Tea Cup Pigs Hoax — Just another hoax!!! (Smithsonian)

I generally stay away from politics in this blog, but I have a theory that I really have not heard on the talking head news. So, I am going to lay out the case for my theory before going out this morning to work on the farm. To start with, the history is that from the point that Donald Trump announced his candidacy, his staffers were targeted, arrested, bankrupted and jailed before having their convictions overturned. He was framed by the FBI and DOJ with the Russiagate hoax that was disproved and discredited, then twice impeached but not convicted since both impeachments were also a hoax. The media predicted his fall over and over only to be proven wrong. The media promoted disinformation on Donald Trump over and over only to wind up completely embarrassed and discredited. So, this raid on Donald Trump fits the pattern of trying to create a crime from which entrenched establishment Washington can stop Donald Trump from running again. That has been the game ever since he was first elected. The establishment is terrified that he will get into office and gut the burocracy. Of course, they have now fired him and his base up in a way that he will do that with a vengeance if re-elected. So, what follows is an different analysis of the raid and the events leading up to the raid.

There were reports of a ‘mole’ working in Mar-a-Lago that was a member of the President’s secret service team. Since the DOJ and National Archives people had been through all the documents in June and just asked that the President add a padlock to the room, all the documents had been inspected. They had already had the opportunity to take any document that the President had in his possession. So as of June there were no classified documents, or documents that could cause national security issues. (Such as nuclear documents) If there was a mole, then there was someone who could plant such documents. It would be as simple as funneling documents to the individual and paying him for his betrayal. I would think that ever one of those agents working as part of the President’s team should be investigated for a change in lifestyle, large purchases, or sudden boost in their financial standing. There is every suggestion that pattern fits with the pattern for prior attempts at framing the President.

In the event that the ‘mole’ was unable to plant documents, the fact that the President’s lawyers were not permitted on the premises while the search/raid was continuing left 30 FBI agents with free access to plant any document that they wanted then to carry the same documents out of the complex with the boxes of paper. Again, i would urge that every one of those FBI agents get investigated for a change in financial condition. Since there is a history of created evidence as applies to Donald Trump and his associates this is idea is less speculation and more of a conclusion based on the FBI and DOJ’s past behavior.

The DOJ, the FBI, the Democrats, and the corrupt Washington establishment are terrified of Donald Trump. This is obviously another attempt at framing him. Donald Trump declassified all the documents taken from the White House, the DOJ has seen all those documents and had time to inspect them yet found nothing. Had there been anything of a national security urgent nature then they would have addressed that when they saw the documents in June, not left the national security issue open to exploitation for 2 months. That does not suggest urgency, it suggests frame up. There was nothing there of an urgent nature, so they had to plant something. The way the FBI conducted the raid suggests they did not want witnesses during the raid, so kept Donald Trump’s lawyers out so they could not see what was occurring. That is beyond irregular and smacks of a set up not a criminal investigation.

I do not know what will happen in the mid-terms, but I would hope that starting now everyone in Washington that desires for this country to prosper, would stand up to these criminal acts. If the midterms bring a Republican opposition to power, then I would hope that Merrick Garland and the top echelons of the FBI and DOJ would be impeached and cast out of Washington permanently.

Unfortunately, I am just one small voice in millions. The Democrats are fond of saying our democracy is threatened. Establishment Washington, is indeed the threat and this raid is just one example of many that shows the power in Washington is out of control. Unless that changes the totalitarian state is already upon us. Either good people push back or it will get way worse. It is sad that so many ordinary people do not speak up for what is right.

God Bless All!!!!

Stop Enabling Tyranny – Before Your It

To the members of Congress, the media, big tech, the FBI, the DOJ, Teachers, and the CIA whose organization’s credibility has been utterly destroyed through the willful use of lies and the warping of the law to serve financial and political ends:  To everyone that is going along to get along as they watch harm come to themselves and their families, this message is for you.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

If your opinion differs from that of your neighbor on a topics such as religion or politics should you or your neighbor be slapped in chains and hauled off to solitary confinement?  What if, in order to make a point, your government with the help of a media that reprints every comment made by the government as gospel,  throws a 69 year old woman with breast cancer into solitary confinement, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.   Is that ok? 

Minneapolis, MN. It was minority communities destroyed. How is that ok?

Often conservative media puts forth the idea that the vast majority of FBI, CIA and DOJ employees are good people, that these are people that support the rule of law and are interested in the fair application of the law across all racial, political, and religious boundaries.  I do not believe it.  These so called good employees are silent while 100s of defendants languish in DC jails for simply walking through the open doors of the capital building, while the 10s of 1000s of George Floyd protesters who caused billions in damage leaving behind torched communities and ruined lives are bailed out by congress people.

Where are these good agents, responsible media personalities, or principled members of Congress who are supposedly standing up for either the rule of law, objective truth,  or common  decency?  They are no where to be found.    Sure, everyone wants to protect their job, but at what point does the tyranny imposed by these institutions become a tyranny that comes for even the seemingly most innocuous employee that just kept his/her head down.    When will your seemingly unimportant view of sex or religion become a reason to slap you in chains? What happens in totalitarian states when the first round of opposition is suppressed, they come for you next.

History is rife with examples of purges and these purges have begun.  Not yet bloody, the current purges are already happening.   Military members that have refused to get the vaccine have been driven out of the Armed Forces without the retirement and benefits they were promised for putting their lives on the line for this country.   How is it ok for these members to be driven out, purged, for refusing to take a vaccine that has proven to be ineffective and whose long term impact on people’s health has been hidden from the population.  In one of the healthiest, least at risk populations the vaccine was used as a loyalty test to see if these members would go along with even unreasonable commands.  Loyalty tests are the stuff of totalitarian regimes.  Why has no one pushed back on this?

Do NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN support loyalty tests?  When it happens to the members of these organizations are they going to stand up and say its wrong?  By then it will be too late and the precious jobs the silent were hoping to protect will be gone.   Tyranny just requires silence and too few people to speak up.  As long as the majority do not speak up, tyranny will continue and get worse.  

The status quo has become that of a corrupt government, corrupt media and corrupt institutions whose rank and file are too afraid to speak the truth.   When companies allow China to manufacture their products using slave labor and justify that in terms of profit, that is corruption.  How many people suffer in pursuit of that profit.  When our big tech companies assist China in developing the surveillance state how long until you and your family will be subject to the same surveillance here?  When will that translate to your being arrested for having the wrong thought or for going against the prevailing orthodoxy? 

When the FBI classifies parents as terrorists in order to protect school boards from the parents whose interest in the education of their children should be paramount it is clear that the FBI no longer has an interest in pursuing criminals.  If your child is in one of these schools that is spending more time indoctrinating kids than in seeing that they have a firm foundation in reading, writing and math, then your child is being put behind in ever measure that will help that child succeed in life.   No FBI agent should be willing to help persecute parents in their efforts to promote their children’s education.  FBI agents, CIA agents, and many, many government employees have children that are no longer being taught the basics.   Why the hell do you allow this?  Why do you not stand up for your children?

Big tech employees watch while their companies implement algorithms that hide the harm being done to children, that suppress valid medical information, that promote policies that ultimately harm children and hurt both their health and long term mental stability.  Why do these employees not stand up and say enough is enough?     When the CDC is clearly hiding data, how is that not front page news? When China’s military unleashes a world wide devastating virus on the world how is that ok to bury?  When the head of the NIAID agency promotes scientific experiments (gain of function) and it results in millions of deaths, how is that not news everywhere. When those experiments are continuing, how is that ok. What if your mom, dad, brother or sister die because you remained silent, how will you feel about not calling out the people suppressing that information?

When the FBI fails to prosecute clear evidence of law breaking from Democratic operatives, from those that destroy evidence, use illicit drugs, or have demonstrated evidence of compromise by our enemies, but pursue vendettas on the thinnest of evidence against political enemies it is obvious that the FBI is no longer interested in justice.  Now the FBI is just a political hack with no reputation to lean on other than a terrible, awful, disreputable stain.  If I were an FBI agent and a father teaching my son or daughter that the work I did was honorable, I would be ashamed.   Where are those people? Why do they tolerate this from their bosses? What happened to the days where the FBI pursued drug traffickers, terrorists (Like the people that destroyed our cities), and gang members? Of course, not pursuing these things as a priority means one day their families will suffer death or injury. I think that if I were an FBI agent I would speak up before that happens.

For members of the FDA, CDC, and NIH,  the once respected communities of government professionals tasked with protecting the health of this nation.   To see your leaders constantly lying about Covid and the vaccine has been more than a disappointment.  To watch while other countries publish real data while our country covers that data up, or worse, fabricates results is embarrassing.  The day we have a real health emergency, no one will accept that it is real since all credibility has been stripped from both the CDC, the FDA and the NIH.  How many people have died because Covid was mishandled? How many more will die because no one believes these institutions any more.   Doctors and nurses across this country, knowing that cloth masks do nothing and that lockdowns fail still got on board.  No one stood up to the failed policies that killed millions unnecessarily.  Is this the health policy world you want to be part of?  Where are the guts to stand up for what is right? 

As government policy shuts down oil and gas production in this country, the production of which enabled the most productive agriculture in the world and the export of energy that saves countless third world lives, few in government have spoken up.  As millions are starving in Ghana and Sri Lanka because of the ESG policies for which there is no evidence of planetary improvement, why are people tolerating these policies that cause poorer countries to be thrown back to the stone age, and our country to suffer unprecedented inflation, food lines and poverty.  What is shocking is the silence by all the well meaning folks. These people are ok with mass starvation as if that is some sort of social good.  If you have a family and kids for another generation these policies guarantee your kids will be far worse off that you are, or are just dead.  Not standing up now, is promising them that future. Is that what you want?

I could go on, but this is a call to all those involved in tacitly protecting these harms to rise up against their employers, government or otherwise and push for change that results in prosperity for themselves and their children.   This is not America First, although that is not a bad idea, but about self interest.  The totalitarian state has already started? How long until that state comes after you for not being vocal enough in support of its policies.   How long are you willing to call green, blue or 5, 6 in order to appease someone’s idea of control?  Are you willing to let unproven vaccines give your children heart failure or cancer in 20 years?   What will you do when your child asks you why you let him or her get the vaccine? 

Yes, this is a call to action.  Speak up, cajole, protest, support the truth, protect our country from out of control inflation, unnecessarily high energy costs, food shortages, out of control crime, unequal justice and from those whose policies hurt not just us but whose policies increase poverty across all four corners of the earth. The United States has given more cash and goods to more impoverished people across the globe than any other country in history. Letting our government impoverish its people destroys that good will. It makes millions around the world suffer. Anyone that does not speak up leaves that as their legacy. It is time to speak up. Pass this letter around to all that you know as it is incumbent on each person to stand up for what is right and what is right is in each persons self interest in the long run.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good

men to do nothing,” a Quote