Obamacare – Deathcare

Tens of thousands lost their doctors.  Millions of American lost their insurance. Millions more now pay substantially more out of their own pockets for health insurance for substantially less benefit.  Yet, Obama this week claimed that Obamacare Works.  The only measure that indicates that this program works is that some insurance companies are making a lot more profit than they were before this program was enacted.  The program does not work, has never worked and costs lives, and livelihoods.

Congress has the numbers and the power to abolish this program and override a veto as it remains so unpopular that even senate democrats will vote to abolish it, if they are presented with the bill as a campaign issue.  The insurance companies that are making more lobby to keep Obamacare, often more out of fear than true desire.   ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC all continue to support it because it fits their agenda and provides ad dollars from the insurance companies.  In fact, these outlets are as responsible for this law remaining in effect as is Congress.

Obamacare won’t pay for a head transplant, (we can understand why this is experimental)  but cutting out the best cancer drugs and doctors has already caused the loss of life.  Every time one of these stories is ignored by ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, or FOX News these organizations along with Congress are responsible for murder.   Most of the media ignores the truth and continues to put out false information about these programs.

Whether they do so because they improve their profits, or because of ideology, or because of political pressure does not matter.  They are, by law, supposed to foster the public good.  This is one area among many where they have not only fostered public harm, but continue to do so.  As Obama Praises Obamacare this week, none of them challenged him, or publically excoriated a program that continues to harm Americans by the millions.  By that standard their license to be on the airwaves should be revoked.

Congress needs to cancel this program lock stock and barrel.  Pay for play in this area continues to cost American lives and make millions of Americans poorer and at greater health risk than ever before.  It is almost impossible to boycott every news organization but every Congressman that does not successfully repeal this law needs to be voted out. Period.  Every candidate that does not actively work toward its repeal needs to be not elected.  It is time to take back our lives in this area.

Unseen Forces Trying to Tear Apart The United States

On the front page of the Communist Party USA  website there is the following falsehood and quote:

“Every day, Black residents of Ferguson and Missouri face possible abuse and death at the hands of an officer due to discriminatory…”

In addition, according to Fox news, in Ferguson after the riots, flyers from the Communist Party were found encouraging rioters and protesters.    The fact that the officer in Ferguson was defending himself against a thug who had just committed a strong arm robbery in a convenience store is completely ignored.  The riots, based strictly on news propaganda and falsehoods have resulted in gun shots and businesses burned to the ground.

Not only is the Communist Party of the United States well represented among the rioters but the New Black Panthers have also been promoters of the riots and associated violence.  These groups are leading masses of students and poorly educated rabble to believe that there is some conspiracy to harm black people in America.  The truth is far more sinister and sad. These rioters have been manipulated so that these groups can promote their own agenda,  destroying the fabric of capitalism.  The very thing that has created such prosperity in this country is the thing they want destroyed.  It is a philosophy that believes that if one person has more, that person should be destroyed and the fruits of his labor taken from him.

When Barrack Obama told the protesters to “Stay the course.”  he was clearly sending the message that he sides with those that want to tear the fabric of this country apart.    These riots were and continue to be planned, encouraged and supported by the federal government.  They are a threat to democracy.  Their timing also helps hide the recent unconstitutional step the President has taken to allow illegal immigrants work permits in violation of the law.

The masses of people protesting blindly absorb the information they are being fed by the networks and media.  Fueled by that and the undercurrent of communist rhetoric they follow into the streets with some idea that their protests will result in a better life for themselves.

The reality  is that the protests will result in less policing in the black community.  The killers and thugs that roam many of the inner cities now will be given free reign and more black on black crime will result.  Fewer businesses will locate in black communities further impoverishing them.  From the standpoint of the Communist Party that creates  more strife with which to encourage more violence and social destruction.   These communities are being spoon fed to be the fodder for a social revolution.  All they while they are getting poorer and more violent.  The result will be death and destruction of the very things that enable these communities to survive currently.

Poverty in America means power in every household, cell phones, indoor plumbing, free education, free food, and often free medical care.  As the riots continue and the ancillary results are seen, these things will also be destroyed.  The communist’s agenda always results in outhouses and poverty for everyone.  It is sad that so many are willing to follow as lambs to the slaughter to push a discredited philosophy of which they themselves are ignorant.

Every American needs to speak out against these forces.  The media, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CBS needs to stop being complicit in promoting this violence and held to account for their failure to report the truth.   Those responsible for looting and destruction need to be held accountable.  Those promoting violence need to be arrested and punished for the resulting violence.  The riots have been spreading even though the basis, (Than Michael Brown was targeted.) is a lie.  The power of being able to lead sheep through propaganda, a huge threat to democracy.

Unpopular Facts – Cheese and Freedom

Years ago when my puppy was still a puppy he would escape out the front door or slip out under the fence.   I would have to chase him through the neighborhood with the hope of wrangling him back into the house.  So there I was, old and slow while he was young and on four legs.  No matter how much I called his name he sensed freedom.  He would stop, look at me, then head on his merry way.  We would resort to waiving a piece of American cheese to entice him near enough so that he could be captured.   After a while he caught on to that and even cheese would not wrangle him back into the house. The call of freedom was greater than the slice of cheese.  Ten years later,  after all this time being told that he is to stay within his territory, it takes a lot of effort to get him to cross even out the front door.    Over time and repetition he has learned what is expected of him.  Pavlov accomplished the same thing with his dogs.  He produced a conditioned response in them through food and repetition.  They lost their will toward freedom.  For a dog that is ok, but what about for an American?

The media in the United States has treated the majority of the American population just like we treat our pets.  By repeating stories with expected behavioral outcomes the media has trained much of the populace to not even recognize the truth when it is presented.    The mindless absorption of network news, TV talk shows, and custom storylines has been used to shape public opinion in ways that belie the truth.  Telling you that you have been manipulated is certainly not popular.  You may be the exception that not been manipulated by the barrage of media opinion, but I would suggest that even those who fully recognize the manipulation cannot completely escape it.  The effort to control your thought and behavior is constant and when coming from news organizations who profess the truth first, it’s disgraceful.

Much of today’s media view the populace as automatons, robotic sponges that will absorb the philosophy they espouse.  Often based on purposeful misrepresentation their goal is to herd the populace in ways that support their narrative.    One of the clearest examples of this is the concept of politically correct speech.  The idea that people should be able to state their opinions without a forceful backlash has faded significantly during my lifetime.  Now, stating an unpopular opinion is cause for vile backlashes and threats.    The media instead of holding up the first amendment is purposely participating in its destruction by reinforcing the idea that certain words are bad or that only idiots would believe in any form of creationism.  The truth of ideas and the value of their debate in society is squashed by a media that no longer supports the first amendment.  Limiting speech helps keep the populace in line and encourages them to support the media favored approach to government.

                Below is a partial list of ideas that the media is now pushing.  I hope it provides food for intellectual thought.

That man made global warming is a fact although the last 15 years has seen no such change in global temperature.

That a baby, even at 7 months is not really a life and to argue otherwise is to hate women.

That there is no connection between a stable family and a successful life.

That people have to have a government benefit to survive. (The inner cities have had these the longest.  What does that say?)

That dignity does not come from having a productive life.

That the government knows best to provide for your healthcare.

That NSA spying on peoples phone calls without an individual warrant is not a violation of the 4th Amendment.

That the constitution is an outdated document.

That fossil fuels are bad even though we live in one of the cleanest most prosperous countries. (Horse dung was bad.)

That everyone should have as much sex as possible just for fun.

That taxes fuel the economy. (More people out of work now than in 40 + years.)

That the rich are stealing from you.

That you are entitled to something for nothing. (Eventually those providing the something for nothing will stop providing it.)

That communist/socialist states are doing well. (Argentina is in revolt,  people in Cuba can’t get a car newer that 1960)

That people need big government.  (Smaller government produces far more prosperity—it is proven.)

That guns kill, not the people with the guns.  (There is a reason for the 2nd Amendment.)

The media and government are counting on our believing these and many other lies so we will hand our power and prosperity over to the helping hand of big brother.  Freedom is not free.  If we do not stand for truth and demand of the media that they start reporting things in an unbiased, agenda free way.  They, along with your government will steal both your freedom and prosperity.