The Perfect Bioweapon

CNN keeps a tracker of the deaths per 100,000 on Covid-19. Looking at that chart the deaths in the Western world appear to be far greater than those of the east. Why is that? Can a virus be genetically modified to impact western societies far more than those of the east. The scientific consensus from early on is that this virus was man-made, that its DNA sequence had elements which could not occur in nature.

Deaths from Covid around the world — CNN

Covid-19 turned out to be the perfect bioweapon, unleashed either purposefully from the Wuhan lab or accidentally, the virus is a Chinese Communist Party dream. Once released the Chinese, locked down their own people to slow the spread while allowing infected people to travel the world.

If I were a Chinese military strategist and wanted to severely cripple my western opponents with a virus, one that impacted my opponents far more than it impacted my own population, then Covid-19 would be considered a genius of design. Moreover the initial strain of the virus Covid-A is most deadly to the elderly and those with underlying comorbidities. According to Marxist theory these are the people that are least productive in society so they have no worth as working contributors. These people are expendable. That is classic Marxism.

Modern Marxist believe that the world, unless controlled will destroy itself if there are too many people in it. So the non productive are expendable. A virus that takes out the elderly and infirm is the perfect virus from a Marxist perspective. If you say that is horrible, just look at the recent history of China. They enforce population limits through abortion and infanticide. They put marginalized groups such and the Uighurs in forced labor camps. They also ‘disappear’ anyone that has the temerity to object to state policy.

Uighurs Concentration Camp

This virus, possibly originally leaked by accident became a military dry run for disabling the west. Donald Trump with his willingness to push back and his willingness to hurt China with economic tariffs scared the Chinese leadership. The Chinese leadership only continues to hold power as long as they can keep the majority of their population reasonably fed and as long as they provide a sense of better days ahead. Economic turmoil is the one thing that scares the CCP(Chinese Communist Party)

The CCP rules by fear and control, but even with that massive dehumanizing apparatus in place, hungry people will rise up and they can not tolerate even the slightest chance of that. So the virus was a trial run to see what they could do to the world to enhance their dominance.

It worked. The virus, with the help of fear mongers well paid by the Chinese shut down the world. It closed the west, put millions out of jobs, gave governments unprecedented powers superseding the freedoms guaranteed by State constitutions. If you doubt that the Chinese control is so pervasive, all you need to do is to watch how Labron James was shut down by saying something in support of Hong Kong or even worse, the pitiful apology issued by John Cena. This is the economic impact of Chinese control on American business. The control of the Chinese of American big tech is far greater than people realize. What has been published is just a sliver of the actual dollars paid. You have to analyze the results and the impact to understand the breathe of this control.

Releasing the virus worked to cripple the west and much of the world. It got Joe Biden elected even though President Biden often appears senile and unable to understand what is going on around him. It got him elected even though Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails clearly show that China has compromised the President. Further, if you look at the President’s policies toward China, his removal of the investigation into the virus’s origin, and his dismantling of the Trump era sanctions and policies show how much his actions have sold out this country.

The virus continues to ravage this county, with unexpected mutations such as the Delta variant. News outlets continue to promote fear at every opportunity and federal policy under the Biden administration continues to promote control over as much as the population as it can. The forced vaccine policy for the military and federal workers, the encouragement of businesses to force vaccine mandates on their employees even as the virus mutates and the vaccine becomes less effective are signs of this Chinese control. Even though millions have natural immunity of the virus, this fact is never mentioned as they urge those that do not need the vaccine to get it anyway, no matter their medical status. It is a symbol of compliance as are masks that do next to no good. Obey they say, get the shot. Those who do not are painted as enemies of the state.

This is the loss of freedom, this is the type of thing that has always been the fear of Americans. Vaccination without representation is no different than taxation without representation. People from every walk of life should speak up and push back against this unconstitutional application of unabridged government power.

The Government is Always Right

There are scientists that say the virus came from a lab in Wuhan, China. They point to unusual non-naturally occurring gene sequences. Others that claim, based on peer reviewed studies that hydroxychloroquine when given early saves lives. Still others that point to pre-Covid-19 studies of flu and Sars viruses that masks offer no protection. Some look at the states that locked down and the states that did not lock down and see no benefit of the lockdowns. Others question why if children are not at risk schools remain closed in many states.

So many theories, they must all be wrong. Surely we would not force masks if they did not work. Surely we would not close schools if children could not be at risk. Surely we would not prevent Covid patients from getting life saving inexpensive treatments if the science said otherwise. Surely we would not destroy 1000s of businesses for no good reason.

This is something to think about. The science never said to do the things that were done. All society continues to suffer as a result.