Themed Getaways Presents the Prison Break Vacation Tour

clinton-prisonThis 3 day 4 night excursion will take you to the heart upstate New York where you will experience first hand the prison escape of David Sweat and Richard Matt from the Clinton Correctional Facility in beautiful Dannemora, NY.   While staying at the luxurious 3 star Comfort Inn in downtown Dannemora your trip will start with a Friday Night Cocktail party celebrating the capture and shooting of these notorious criminals.  Then on Saturday you will tour the prison and see where these thugs sawed and drilled their way to freedom just outside the prison.  Lunch will be served in the prison cafeteria.

After that we will drive to the Lake Placid Farmhouse café for a sumptuous dinner.  Some of the best in all of New York.  On Sunday we will trace the fugitives steps to the cabin in the woods.  This leg of the trip will be hosted by none other than Joyce Mitchell’s husband, Lyle.  Her conviction as the first accomplice makes his story incredible.  He will guide you through the woods to the infamous peanut butter DNA cabin.  As we explore the woods around the cabin an examine various hideout locations a box lunch will be provided.  You can feel the desperation as these fugitives ran through the woods using pepper spray to mask their scent from the dogs.   Each of you will be provided your own can of this so you can immerse yourself in the experience.

Sunday night you have some free time to explore the town and choose a restaurant of your choosing.  Then Monday, we will follow the path that Richard Matt  and David Sweat took to Malone New York.  You will see where Richard Matt tried to shoot it out with the police.  You will meet the camper driver who made the call when a stray shot went into his camper.  Then onto the field where David Sweat was shot in the back twice.  We will go by the hospital where he was taken after being shot.

So sign up today for the Prison Break Tour.  There is nothing else like it.  Feel what the fugitives felt as they ran for their lives.  Meet the people who lived it.  Experience the intense manhunt and see how history was made.

Continental breakfast at the Comfort Inn is provided each morning.

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