Why Was George Floyd Killed?


As the rioters, looters and protesters have taken to the street destroying the lives and livelihoods of 1000s of Americans no one is asking the single biggest question. Why was George Floyd murdered by Derek Chauvin? The rioters would say George was murdered because of white privilege and a pattern of oppression by the cops. In some places that may well be true, but it is not the reason Mr. Chauvin choked the life out of Mr. Floyd.

The killing of Mr.Floyd was personal. One man killing another in a venue where the perpetrator (Chauvin) thought he could both get away with it and thought he was justified. Was Chauvin bigoted? He was working with 3 other cops two of which were minority. Why did they not stop the killing? Was it just a matter of unrestrained police brutality? Chauvin had multiple complaints against him.

So much of what happened makes no sense. What occurred during the part of the video when they were not on camera? Chauvin and Floyd worked at the same nightclub, was there some sort of beef between them? Did Floyd have information that was going to expose some element of graft by officer Chauvin? Was Floyd killed so he would be silenced? That brings up a whole set of questions about the corruption of the Minneapolis police department. Maybe there was corruption, maybe not, but the question has to be asked.

Had Chauvin just had a bad day and Floyd was a release of unrestrained brutal aggression? What kind of temper did the man have? Was he thin skinned and reacted to taunts by Floyd? Why did he remain on top of Floyd, almost nonchalantly as if killing Floyd was nothing, just a part of a job he needed to do? Why would he do that directly in front of the video he had to know was there? It almost like he wanted to be seen killing Floyd. Was the killing meant to send a message, not of bigotry but of compliance. If you don’t do what the cops want, this is how you wind up.

The divorce filing from his wife came incredibly swiftly after Officer Chauvin was arrested. Surely that was not some spur of the moment decision. What was going on in that household prior to the murder of Mr. Floyd. Did that influence Derek Chauvin’s decision to kill Mr. Floyd?

The last thing I am wondering, a bit of conspiracy theory coming out. Was the video taping of this event just a random act, or was this a premeditated event where the videographer knew what was going to happen? Then because this was so public, decided to release the video.

There are so many questions underlying the original event and these have all been clouded and interfered with. Is there systemic racism in the Minneapolis police department? Is there systemic brutality, or was this part of the corruption that exists in that department?

The fact that the three other officers have not been charged and the fact that the autopsy seemed to disparage the character of Mr. Floyd in stark contrast to Dr. Baden’s report suggest that what really happened here may not have anything to do with race but have everything to do with something else.

I hope that at some time we can hear what Derek Chauvin was thinking, what his purpose for killing Mr. Floyd. It is clear that these two had crossed paths and that this was not some random arrest.