Ways To Stop Global Warming

1. Place a 4000 mile long foil sail in orbit between earth and the sun.
2. Ban private jets at global warming conferences.
3. Outlaw hot showers and bathes.
4. Eat more chicken.
5. Build maasive solar powered outdoor air conditioners.
6. Have everyone live underground.
7. Replace cars with flatulence free horses.
8. Convert the all the cars to run on nuclear energy.
9. Move all the artic ice to the equator.
10. Get rid of scientists.
11. Drill airation tunnels through the center of the earth.
12. Outlaw summer.
13. Paint the surface of the earth white.
14. Drain the oceans.
15. Don’t elect people who believe their own lies.

Beyond the Immediate Cost What Extra Taxes is ObamaCare Going to Add?

Below lists just two Obamacare taxes among many that will hit working middle class families hard.  Last I checked I did not vote or support these.  Along with the massive increase in the cost of healthcare these two provisions penalize working Americans.  When will Americans wake up and protest this bill and force their representatives to repeal it?

If you have a Flexible Spending Account, over the counter medicines will no longer be eligible.  This means that if you previously spent $500 per year in over the counter medicines pre-tax you saved $150 to $200 a year in taxes.  That saving is now gone.

The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Cap limits what you can put into a flexible spending account to $2,500 per year.  It is common for families to run their health insurance premiums through these plans.  For our family this year the cost would be a cost of an extra $1,475 in federal taxes.

How Our Representatives are Betraying Us!!!

This is not meant to be for a particular representative but for most of the establishment Republicans we who although they were voted in are betraying the principles they ran on and this country.    Below are a few examples.  Please call your representative.  All the republicans may need to be changed out next election.

Obamacare and all its increased taxes is not being repealed.

The level of taxes in Obama care continues to be hidden from the public.

The borders remain open.

There is still a push to normalize illegal aliens.

Companies that hire illegal aliens are not prosecuted.

Our debt keeps going up.

Government keeps getting bigger.

The NSA continues to spy on us.

Freedom of speech continues to be under assault.

The President is freeing terrorists and is not held to account for treason.

The President is ignoring the constitution and is not held accountable.

The media are allowed to lie and are not held accountable.

The republican controlled congress and senate could have a huge impact on changing

these things.  Only a few democrats in the senate are holdouts.  Unified Republican votes and some

effort would see them swayed easily.  Why do our representatives not try?  To not try is a betrayal

of their electorate.

Who is Hiring Illegal Workers? Stealing American Jobs and Identities

The companies that hire illegal aliens are stealing jobs from American workers.  Looking at a list of those companies in Alabama there are restaurants, construction, landscaping and manufacturing companies represented.  It is these same companies that give to political candidates so that amnesty and open borders remain the de-facto state of affairs.  When a terrorist crosses the border,  it is these same companies that are responsible along with the politicians that failed to close the border.  This is money, not just in Alabama, but across the nation that keeps us from protecting this country and prevents us from having an immigration process that does not abuse illegals for cheap labor.

Every one of the 92 million workers in this country that want a job but have given up looking can blame these companies for their plight.  The moral bankruptcy that allows for this to happen is beyond understandable.  How many stolen identities and other people’s social security numbers are being used so that these companies can have cheap labor?  Every one of these companies should be ostracized.   It needs to become very unpopular to hire people that are not legal  These companies need to stop giving to candidates just so they can maximize their dollars at the expense of the American people and American jobs.

Why Capitalism?

Days before the 2014 Winter Olympics one of the quotes coming out of Sochi was, “Don’t flush the toilet, don’t drink the water and don’t expect a good night’s sleep”. ( NYYorkDailyNews )  Even after spending 51 Billion dollars on the games, the plumbing did not work, roads were not paved and living quarters were sub par in that Black Sea resort town.  Anyone taking a trip to stay in Orlando, Atlanta, or Nashville would have a far better experience with accommodations and amenities.  The living situation in much of Russia is far worse than that.  The difference is simply that capitalism produces the highest standard of living for the most people.  People, given the freedom to seek the opportunities that are best for them, will consistently have a higher standard of living that those whose lives are orchestrated by government.  The more orchestrated and controlled an economy is, the poorer the citizens of that country are.

As the United States has moved to implement more regulations and more entitlements, the standard of living for the average American has dropped.  Average hourly wages have dropped.  There are a record number of Americans no longer in the labor force.  Those of us working are paying these able bodied people to stay home.  There are more people are on food stamps than ever before and the rate of poverty in the US has continued to rise.  It’s not rocket science.  The more we implement policies that encourage dependency on government the poorer we as a country get.  The burden on the working middle class continues to increase.  It is not the rich that are paying for all these benefits, it is the average working American.

In college I wrote a paper lauded by my instructor which glorified the benefits of communism.  It was all about how everyone should be given their fair share and how communism had been implemented poorly in China and Russia.  The reality is that communism can’t be implemented in any way that is successful.  People will always act in their own best interests.  Those that get all their stuff free will do the minimum to maintain the free stuff.  That is why the able bodied, not yet retired people in America that are being paid while not working will continue to not work as long as the government will pay them.   The simple fact that people are people is enough to prevent communism from ever working as it does in theory.

But what about the excesses of capitalism where the worker is exploited and the consumer is ripped off?   Indeed these abuses do happen but, in a truly free and prosperous society these abuses are quickly eliminated.  Prosperity allows people to move from job to job for better wages.  That gives employers a significant incentive to treat their employees well.  Consumer products that harm people are quickly taken off the market as the reputation of the company making those faulty products is quickly trashed.  Beyond that civil and criminal law has stiff penalties for knowingly harming consumers.

So why do our politicians consistently promote benefits knowing that it harms the long term prosperity of this country.  Why is it popular among politicians and the media to say they are taking from the wealthy to give to the poor.  For the democrats it is not hard to figure out.  The position buys votes and power.  Everyone knows the examples of the USSR, China, Cuba, and Vietnam and the misery communism has brought.   They are unwilling to let facts get in the way of power and control.  The media’s support of the false and detrimental narrative is more difficult to explain.  Clearly, ABC, CBS, and NBC have been willing to falsely edit the news in the past year to promote the idea that cops are out to get black people or to make the economy look better than it is.  A dropping unemployment rate is not the headline when its caused by the lowest labor participation rate in history.  It’s new designed to prop up those in power and designed to fool people into thinking they are doing better than they are.

Our current path will result in widespread poverty yet no one in the media or in office seems willing or able to stand up and tell the truth.  Such poverty was evident in China and the Soviet Union before they allowed capitalist reforms.  Rampant poverty is currently evident in Cuba and Venezuela both countries that are embracing extreme socialism or communism.     The fact is that if the state takes to much from its populace so that the state can redistribute that income or spend it the result is a populace that can’t hold on to the fruit of its own labor.  That population will eventually stop trying to produce and for a long as it lasts they will soak up the government benefits.  This is already happening with the largest ever non-working and not looking for a job group.  Those that work will stop supporting everyone else and at that point all collapses.

The businesses that  support the media and the government in this effort to redistribute income are creating their own demise.  Those that support fake economics promoted by the likes of CBS are adding to the problem.    Those that advertise with ABC, CBS, and NBS are funding their eventual failure.   They may get a short term gain from crony capitalism and government largess, but when their remaining employees can’t support themselves their will be no one to pay for the things they manufacture.