Lynch the White Girl

Ok, I am not really serious about that, but there is no question that Rachel Donezal needs to be prosecuted by the Spokane, WA. prosecutor’s office.   Over a host of years she received salary and snookered donors into giving 10’s of thousands of dollars to the Spokane, WA chapter of the NAACP.  Legally, that is fraud.  In terms of dollars, it is huge fraud.  There is no excuse for her not to be prosecuted.   What she has done is a form of identity theft.

If she is not prosecuted then everyone who commits identity theft will have a ready made defense.  Below are a few lines from identity thieves after Rachel gets away with this.

“You can’t arrest me, my name really is Donald Trump.”

“I don’t have to prove I am a doctor, you can take my word for it.”

“That is my natural skin color.”

“I have to have those meds I am disabled.” (Happens every day.!)

“If you don’t hire me I will sue you as a black person.”

“You did not prosecute Ms. Donezal.”

“I believe I am an Indian so can only be prosecuted on the reservation.”

This girl left the mental reservation, committed huge fraud and is dancing in fame.  How whacked is that?  Our legal system is about to come crashing down.

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