Upside Down- Where are the Defenders

Baltimore burns while the cops are told to stand down.

Iran gets a nuclear bomb while Israel gets snubbed.

The attorney general is held in contempt of Congress and he gets a free ride.

Hillary Clinton helps the Russians get control of our uranium supplies.

Planned Parenthood kills a million babies in poor neighborhoods and the federal government pays for it.

The IRS targets Americans with opposing views and is never prosecuted.

Veterans are prevented from having quality healthcare and no one is held accountable nor does the situation improve.

Our immigration laws are both ignored and broken by the President and no one stops him.

The NSA records millions of phone calls without warrants but no one stops them.

Taliban are released to return to combat in exchange for a deserter.

Touting Yemen as a victory even as it is overrun by Al-quaeda.

Raising the cost of most American’s healthcare while reducing the benefit dramatically and no one stops this.

Achieving the lowest workforce participation rate in 40 years.

Reducing the average wage for most Americans but no one stops them.


Pure Propaganda – The Associated Press with its Pants Down

The Associated Press has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the administration.  This AP piece on global warming is presented here as proof.    The proof below encompasses fallacies in argument, how the reporting fails to meet any standard for verification or honesty, and how the reporting that demonstrates a clear bias.  Let me take each of these arguments in turn.   As the administration puts forth that global warming as our ‘biggest threat’,  the AP produces this propaganda.

The first problem with the reporting is that the whole article is based on the premise that the computer models used in the research are a factual representation of reality.  Over the past year many climatologists have called into question the validity of these models.  Over  the past 18 years the temperature curve has been flat.  An  article in about global warming clearly points out the empirical evidence that the models are incorrect.  As a computer engineer, I have learned that when the results of a program don’t match reality, then its usually the program that is  at fault.  In the same way, this scientist is drawing conclusions from computer programs(models) that do not match the empirical information available.  The adoption of theory as fact is a huge failing in this article.  No true reporting or true reporter would make this elementary error.

The reporter, Mr. Seth Borenstein, then takes that information as fact without bothering to look at how valid the models are or whether or not there is conflicting information. Since when is reporting, just taking at face value what you are told.   Saying that a bunch of scientists think this is great work is not the same as having peer reviewed work.  Actually, the work is more about what the scientist can get the computer model to show than anything that relates to realty.  Unfortunately, the inability to tell the difference between reality and computer generated models has become far too common.  When reporters no longer even ask if the model is valid they fail to live up to even minimal expectations.   Neither the AP nor Mr. Borenstein can expect to be taken seriously when they fail to do their job so miserably.  It puts the AP on par with recent Rolling Stone reporting.

In addition to the acceptance of the models and the scientist’s work as fact when it is not,  Mr. Borenstein fails to get any opposing views.  At a time when many former global warming scientists are starting to express doubts, not one opposing view was presented.  Not to state the obvious, but if there is no global warming, then man has caused 0% of the warming.  All the other conclusions about the hottest days and man caused emissions  are just part of the model, devoid of empirical evidence.  The empirical evidence, the fact that  artic ice has  increased 3 years in row is not mentioned.  This is junk science presented to make a point, propaganda.

Ultimately,  the article is nothing more than propaganda.  Zero journalistic standards were followed.  Opinions were presented as fact.  Conclusions were presented that have as much validity as the  UFO report in the Enquirer.   The AP should be ashamed.    Why focus on the real threats when promoting junk science is cheap and wins favor from the government.  My desire is that those that purchase reporting from the AP will no longer do so as the quality of their work is pitiful.

Its All About Oil

Everyone assumes that Obama`s  foreign policy makes no sense.  Over the past 6 years every bit of his middle eastern policy has served to destabilize the region.  The rise of ISIS, the destruction of order in Libya, and giving Iran a nuclear bomb are all steps designed to stop the flow of oil from the Middle East.

Somehow he sees the greatest threat to the world as global warming.  That is why he opposed the XL pipeline against all common sense.  He figures that if he can bring the Middle East down in a fireball he can substantially reduce world wide oil consumption.

Even though the rise of fracking at home has derailed him, Iran launching a nuke at Israel, or Israel bombing Iran could according  to his calculations set oil production back 50 years.

Remember that to him he is saving the planet.  Just like the communist of old, the end justifies the means.  His goal is to drive oil prices to the sky and force modern economies into making their populace do with less.

He has so much as said so.  People,  not including him,  need to not drive suv’s, or have 68 degree houses in the summer.

The whole of his policies are about saving the common man from himself.  If the means destroying the oil producing nations then that is his goal.