Where is the Supreme Court?

Whether you believe the election was fair and honest or not, the basic freedoms we have are under assault and the court and courts appear silent. Who is protecting the constitution?

The power to suppress speech and free thought without the checks and balances provided in the constitution is the power to repress all alternate views. This is now the status quo in this country. With 26000 troops in the capital not just as a deterrent but as a show of force to intimidate people with alternate views it is clear that the road toward fascism is well on the way to reality. Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube are all actively suppressing conservative voices. Congress people are demanding duly elected members step down because they questioned an election. Trump supporters are being called racists enmass as preparation for repressing their voices.

If you want to know where this is headed, just look at what one of the attorneys at NPR was suggesting. People are going to have to speak up soon and in large numbers. (non-violently) if this trend is going to stop. The idea that all white people are guilty of racism is patently false. This was even true in in civil war when 100,000s died so that slavery would be abolished. Great gains were made in the civil rights movement. All of this is as if it never happened so that those with conservative beliefs can be vilified. Already they are being silenced by the government and by the tech companies. This is what is required to implement totalitarian rule.

Below is a snapshot of what conservatives believe and why.

  1. We believe each person has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is guaranteed by the constitution.
  2. We believe in small government that provides for safety, defense of the nation, and for a safety net for those that can not take care of themselves or for those that need a hand up, not a hand out. Programs that have focused on a hand out have resulted in generational poverty.
  3. We believe in meritocracy where as Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” Vilifying anyone on the basis of skin color is wrong, yet that is what we see coming from our leaders, from out educators, and from big tech. What do you think will happen if this continues?
  4. We believe in economic freedom where business succeeds or fails in a competitive marketplace, where the government’s job is to protect us from predatory practices, and monopolistic dominance that prevents competition. We believe economic freedom produces the most prosperity for the most people. This has been proven. It let’s people rise from poor circumstances to affluence through their own choices. More lives have been lifted out of poverty by this philosophy than by any other approach.
  5. We believe in freedom of speech that all speech should be protected, even speech we disagree with. That is how ideas are spawned and discourse provides a method to weed out bad ideas. Before the media started calling everyone racists the “white supremacists” in the country had almost died out. If you call people something enough, for some of them you create the very thing you are calling them.
  6. We believe in America First. That as we do the most to help our own people we will in turn, and by example help others around the world. The fact that this is the most generous country in the world speaks to that.
  7. We believe that each person is entitled to the fruits of what they earn. The fact that some have tremendous wealth is not nearly as important as the fact that everyone does better under this capitalist system, where even the poorest live far better lives than the middle class in many countries. That wealth that is so often cited as unfair, employs in some cases 10’s of thousands who can take care of their families and provide good livings for themselves.

Under Donald Trump before Covid we saw what this philosophy could do. What will happen now? Will all the good be stamped out to push a false and harmful narrative? Where will conservative voices go? We we all go to re-education camps as the NPR guy wants. Make no mistake, he was called out, but that is the current thinking in the halls of power.

Remember The TRUTH!!!!

Donald Trump has done some incredible things for this country and in the midst of all the media hate towards him calling him all sorts of vile things below are just a few of the things he has done that have made a difference in the lives of ordinary working Americans. These are the 74 million plus Americans that make this country exceptional, and make this country the envy of the world.

Jobs and Regulations: Before COVID this country had the lowest unemployment rate it had had in years and years, with that figure including historically low unemployment rates for minorities along with real wage growth, something also not seen in years. If you benefited from his policies you should let your congress people and senators know you want more of that.

There are 100,000’s of Americans whose lives will have been saved by the COVID vaccine. No President has ever put together a plan that reduced the time to market for any vaccine to under a year. If your family members get the vaccine and are at less risk, then you should let your congress people and senators know you want more of that.

Thousands of minorities given sentences that were too harsh are out of prison thanks to Donald Trump.

Multiple countries in the Mideast are safer and more prosperous thanks to full relations with Israel. He also moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. No prior President improved Mideast stability more than Donald Trump. Israel is safer and we are safer because of this.

He stopped the bleeding of US jobs to foreign countries and improved the trade deals we had with Canada and Mexico, and stopped the raiding of American assets by China. You are more prosperous because of this.

He got NATO to pay its dues and to stop freeloading on us for defense. The result is an alliance where NATO respects us more and where we are heard much more forcefully.

He defeated ISIS in the Mideast and pulled much of our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. If you are a military family your family members are less likely to be killed in a foreign war. Let your congress people and senators know you want more of that.

He cut taxes for the middle class and some corporate taxes. Many of those companies boosted salaries and bonuses after that. Let your congress people and senators know you want more of that.

He created opportunity zones for poor minority neighborhoods bringing jobs back to blighted minority communities. Let your congress people and senators know you want more of that.

He took steps to lower drug prices more than any President ever, saving seniors billions.

He protected communities that were established for having to have sections of housing for the homeless and for those who could not afford those communities, preserving the value of those communities for the future.

You may not like his tweets, you may not like his style, but if you like his policies, or if you or your family members have benefited from Donald Trump’s tenure in office, let your voice be heard. Call your senator, email them, or your congress person and pass a link to this along. Special interests want to demonize him. Now is the time to make it known that he is supported. That the policies that benefited so many Americans are the policies you want to continue. Say it often and loud, and pass this on.