John Kerry — Anti Semite, Narcissist, Egoist

Breitbart quoted John Kerry as he tried to walk back his negative statements about Israel.  

Let’s examine just one of his statements:

“I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone, particularly for partisan, political purposes, so I want to be crystal clear about what I believe and what I don’t believe,” Kerry said.

So what makes him so special that he won’t allow people to question his commitment? His own actions betray his lack of commitment to the survival of Israel.   

Why does he not call forcefully for the cessation of rockets coming into Israel by cutting off the funds the US gives to the Palestinians?

The US is helping to fund the terrorist acts against Israel by giving funds to the Palestinians, why does he not call for that to stop?

Yes, Mr. Kerry we do not believe you have the best interest of Israel at heart.  We have every right to question your commitment.  Are you familiar with the first amendment?  Do you plan to have those that call you a bigot and an Anti-Semite arrested?  You can accuse Israel of being something its not even as Israel takes tremendous extra risk by letting Palestinians come into the mainland to work even though many have promised the destruction of the Jewish state.  I dare to question you.  That is the thing about this country it allows for people to express their political beliefs.  

You could make false accusations against our military in Vietnam and get away with it.  People forget your treasonous actions.  What gives you the right to say we can’t question your commitment?  Your actions and statements speak loudly as to your true commitment.

If you had a commitment to the state of Israel you would long ago have cut off funds to the Palestinians and sent troops into Gaza to route out Hamas.  Instead, you support Hamas’ continued involvement with the Palestinian Authority and their call for the destruction of Israel. You and your boss have armed Al-Qaeda in Libya with the deaths of Americans as a result.  You all have supported the Muslim Brotherhood who also call for the destruction of Israel. You have let Iran stay within arms length of getting a nuclear weapon. Yes, we question your commitment to Israel’s security and survival.

Please read the Constitution.  It is not unclear on our right to say what we believe.  It has protected you over the years yet you do not value its contents.  It is not a list of suggestions.  It is the law of the land.  We have the right to question you.  I hope and pray the media does its job and asks you the hard questions. I hope they question your commitment to the security of Israel.  I hope they question your commitment to the security of the United States as well. 

John Kerry — Is He an Anti-semite

John Kerry criticizes Israel.  Yes, it is a pattern from both President Obama and John Kerry.  Anytime the Palestinians pooh they praise them for being such wonderful people.  If Israel so much as stops a rocket from killing its citizens they talk about how unfair Israel is to the poor rocket shooting, Jew killers who are just misunderstood.  A few questions for the administration.

If Cuba fired missiles into Florida every day would you be supporting the Cubans or defending Americans?

Why do the Jews not have the same right to defend themselves?

Why is it you expect Israel to make a deal with Hamas who promises to kill every Jew now in Israel and across the world?

Why is Israel the villain when its willing to support a two state solution while the Palestinians refuse to even recognize that Israel can exist?

Why does the administration bully Israel while letting the 10,000 rocket launches from the Palestinian territories into Israel per year slide?

Why is the United States siding with the people that have vowed to kill Americans as well as Jews?

Why does the United States support Arabs and totalitarian governments more than it supports the only democratic ally we have in the middle east?

Does the US government recognize Israel’s right to exist?

If Hamas is deemed a terrorist group, why has the US government not supported their destruction inside of Gaza?

Does the US government plan on letting as many Jews as possible die in the middle east?

Does the US government secretly support Iran getting a nuclear weapon so they can destroy Israel?

Are the US government, John Kerry and Barrack Obama anti-Semitic?

Perhaps it is time to ask this question.  Their actions are doing nothing to secure Israel and much to put Israel at harm. That seems pretty anti-Semitic to me.


Media Questions — Keystone Pipeline

Even major unions are calling Obama’s decision to delay the Keystone pipeline a spineless politically motivated decision.  It is a shame that not only on the Keystone pipeline but a whole host of ill advised energy policy decisions have occurred during the Obama administration and the media has given the administration a complete and inexcusable pass.  Let’s explore questions that should be asked. 

Keystone pipeline

Even after multiple environmental studies showing its safety how can the administration justify delaying this project?

Does the administration value its democratic donor(s) over putting Americans to work?

Doesn’t the delay in this project increase the possibility of an environmental disaster by rail or semi-tanker spill?

Why are the unions speaking out against the administration at this time?


How many green companies received money from the administration but have since failed?

How much money from those failures has been recovered from the democratic donors that got the funds?

Why is the government investing in companies who have not proven the ability to earn a profit in the open market?

Why has green money gone overseas to help non-American companies?

Why has the government purposely been trying to destroy the coal industry?

Is the government picking up the tab for the higher energy prices that their policies have caused?

What is the measure of human suffering higher gas prices have caused?

Since gas prices have more than doubled because of Obama’s policies what is he doing now to reverse that trend?

What percent of our energy needs is currently being met by fossil fuels?

If the government destroys fossil fuel output do they have an affordable in place technology?

If they don’t have an affordable technology why do they expect the American people to absorb the cost that is putting Americans at financial risk?

Why is the governments control of the energy sector more important than the lives or American citizens?

Does energy ideology supersede people’s welfare?

Hasn’t the failure of these energy companies pointed out the folly of government mandated energy policy?

With no evidence of global warming now for the last 15 years why is the government still pushing that as a reason to bankrupt the American people?

How many laws were violated in handing out green energy contracts?

What prosecutions has the attorney general started against the energy companies that cost the taxpayers billions of dollars?

Who gained from this billion dollar giveaway?

Why has the administration not been held accountable for this?

Where was the congressional over-site on all these failed company investments?



Doing the Job of the Media — Of Guns and Ammo

Over the past 4 years the Federal government has been buying up tremendous amount of ammo causing in some cases shortages where certain caliber shells were not available to the public.  It’s not like the ATF or FBI is buying all this ammo, but the FDA, the EPA, OSHA and other federal agencies.  We are not talking about enough rounds for small enforcement actions.  We are talking millions of rounds all total.  

Our media needs to ask:

What does the EPA or OSHA need with 100,000’s of rounds of ammo?

Is the government forming an unofficial militia like the Nazi brown shirts?

What is the real reason behind these purchases?

Who specifically authorized these purchases and what budgetary line item was assigned to them?

How does the purchase of these rounds fit into the mission of these agencies?

Where are these rounds now?

Is the government planning to use these rounds on US citizens and if so under what scenario?

Is the purchase of these rounds an attempt to disarm the US populace?

What was the White House’s involvement in these purchases?

How are these rounds being distributed and to whom?

Where is the constitutional authority to arm Federal Non-Military, non-law-enforcement agencies?

What Congressional over site has there been on these purchases? 

Isn’t arming the government in this way a clear step toward tyranny?


Doing the Job of the Media — Part I — Fast and Furious

This will undoubtedly be a multi-part post since thinking of the questions the media should ask Obama and his representatives takes a bit of thought.   That being said, if I, an average non journalist, a completely untrained individual can come up with the questions that should be asked of the administration, its department heads and their associated spokespeople, then how much more effective should questions asked by the media be.  Unfortunately, over the past 5 years most of their questions are impotent and ineffective. Therefore, I am  producing a list of questions the media can ask.    

I hope that everyone reading this will send this list to as many reporters, newrooms, newspapers and television stations as they can until our media outlets start asking the questions that matter.  We will start with fast and furious but each day we will add to the list.

President Obama, Eric Holder was held in contempt for not providing documents related to our giving guns to the Mexican drug cartels.  American agents have died as a result of that policy, Why does he continue to serve and not produce the documents?

Since Mr. Holder and your administration have failed to assist Congress in getting to the details of what happened can you explain why you supported giving guns to Mexican drug lords?

Since Mr. Holder was held in contempt why is he not in jail rather than serving as attorney general?

How can an attorney general have such contempt for the law and continue to stonewall Congress?

Mr. President do you support having the attorney general break the law and not comply with Congressional requests?

If you don’t support giving guns to Mexican drug lords what specific steps have you taken to recover the guns our government gave to the drug lords?

By what specific date will Congress have the documents requested?

What specific people have been terminated from government service as a result of their giving guns to criminals?

What criminal charges have been filed as a result of giving these guns to Mexican drug cartels?

Why is no one serving time for the distribution of guns to drug lords?  

Did the drug lords pass a background check as is required by the law?

How did the justice department get around that requirement in order to deliver these guns?

Did the administration plan to use this program to make gun ownership in the United States more difficult?

If the administration did not plan to use this program to make gun ownership in the United States more difficult what was its intended objective?  How was that objective to be achieved?  If the guns were to be tracked what steps were taken to allow for them to be tracked before they were sold?  What documents support those contentions?



The Numbers are In

The poor and middle class in the United States is no longer the richest in the world.  Obama’s socialist experiment has failed.  So, if you are struggling paycheck to paycheck as are the majority of working Americans who do you need to blame?   Should you blame the rich people who have been told that they are scum and whose incentive to invest and create opportunity has been destroyed?  Will blaming the rich provide a better job?    Will blaming them open up our economy to more prosperity?

Perhaps we should take a lesson from history.

Jay Carney’s Soviet Union failed under its own weight of poor inefficient government and tyranny.

Most of the population in North Korea is starving.

China has gone back to capitalism.

Communism failed in every Eastern European country.

Why then does Barrack think he is smarter that all those that preceded him.  Pretty arrogant.  As we watch our country become more authoritarian its history mirrors the recent failure of the Venezuelan economy,    All we have to do in order to have great prosperity in this country is to return the Constitution to its original intent.  True freedom brings the most to the most people.  That includes the most security as well as prosperity.  A happy populace looks out for its own welfare.  Events like the one we had last week where 200+ Federal agents were sent to collect taxes from a Nevada rancher are no different than the Romans sending out the tax collectors or the Soviets pushing people off their land.  

If those that swore to uphold the Constitution do not uphold the Constitution or the laws of this land they need to be removed from office.



Of Stupidity, Powerlessness and Politics

Democracy is failing under the Obama administration.  In spite of this country having more people out of work than in the past 36 years, more people living in poverty than every before, more people on food stamps and dependent on the government than ever before a simple project such as the Keystone Pipeline can’t get approved.

A project that will bring jobs to the heartland of the US can’t get approved because Democratic donors don’t want it.  The Obama administration is more worried about politics than helping Americans get jobs and succeed.

A project that will strengthen our ability to help Western Europe stand up to Russia’s incursions and improve our ability to withstand foreign energy incursions is not approved because National Security is less important than getting money for future campaigns.

This one example, supported by the vast majority of informed Americans can’t get approved because Democratic special interests’ money trumps caring about people.  To our current government, violating peoples privacy, using the IRS illegally, letting our people die in Benghazi and destroying jobs is a higher priority than helping America be a better, more prosperous place.  As part of this process the military capability of our country has also been gutted.  The destruction of our democratic process, the brazen disregard for the safety and security Americans is nothing short of treason.  The failure of the Justice Department to provide documents to Congress even after being held in contempt is also treason. Hiding blatant violations of our Constitution guts our democracy.  Why have a democracy is congress has no power?

The vast majority of Americans want more jobs, better choices in healthcare and insurance, and physical security.  The Obama administration has proven through its actions that it has no interest in any of these things.  Their failure to call the first Fort Hood shooting terrorism, even today, make it clear that they are protecting radical Muslim sentiments over the interests of American citizens.    This all adds up to a purposeful destruction of the US economy, its healthcare system, its military and the welfare of its citizens.   They have done more damage to this economy that the 9/11 terrorists ever did.   I can’t identify why they are purposely destroying the United States.  I will say that those who do so are guilty of treason and should be held accountable for that. 


Jay Carney’s Soviet Propaganda tells you where their hearts really are.


Rome’s burning…. Is is too late?

My name is ….  Actually my name matters not because I am  the last Republican to serve in Congress.  

  • When the Obama administration started to selectively enforce immigration laws, I said nothing.
  • When the Obama administration started changing Obamacare without Congressional approval I said nothing.
  • When the Obama administration started using its agencies to persecute those they did not like, I said nothing.
  • When the Obama administration started using the NSA to listen to everyone’s telephone conversations I said nothing.
  • When the Obama administration started using the FDA and EPA to create laws not approved by Congress, I said nothing.
  • When the Obama administration started telling businesses what they had to pay people without Congressional approval I said nothing.
  • When the Obama administration implemented Common Core and quit teaching the constitution I said nothing.
  • When the Obama administration started placing watchers in newsrooms I said nothing.
  • When the Obama administration through Homeland Security bought millions of rounds of ammunition I said nothing.
  • When the Obama administration started using the Obamacare death panels to deny treatment to their enemies I said nothing.
  • When the Bureau of Land Management started killing ranchers I said nothing.
  • When the Obama administration started investigating republican Congressmen I said nothing.
  • When the Obama administration forced most republican Congressman out of office I said nothing.
  • When the rule of law, freedom and the US Constitution died I said nothing for by then it was too late.

Got to go,  they are coming for me……

Evolution – The Theory That Became a Religion

     It is not uncommon these days for those that do not believe in evolution and the big bang as the origin of all life to be called names, denigrated and treated as if they were troglodytes.  Nevertheless, even though I grew up on a steady diet of science and heard the preaching of evolution as the definitive origin of life from grade school through college I have big questions. 

    Starting with the big bang, scientists explain that the universe we know of came out of this big bang at the start of it all.  In order to postulate that the big bang happened and that they know how and why it happened they use the laws of gravity and physics.  At the moment of the big bang, when there was just some universe sized mass inside of a pea there would have been neither the laws of gravity nor the laws of physics.  So what were the origins of those laws?  If those laws were not formed, did time exist?  If time did not exist how are we measuring time? When did time actually start?  When did the laws of gravity and mass get created?  Who created them?

     Wait,…. Hold On.  I take back that last question.  Science can’t have a who or something more powerful than itself.  The laws must have been created by the people that discovered the laws.  So, they created the laws of physics and then used them to explain why they existed to discover them.  Yet, they can’t explain why the laws exist or why anything exists. They can’t even say how the laws actually came into being.  Pretty flawed theory.  (Yet no other option is allowed in the schools.)

   As to evolution, if I mix a bunch of random chemicals together the result is generally a smoothy not life.  The earth, in its hot violent stage would not have been hospitable enough  for random chemicals to come together sufficiently that single living cells could be created.  If you take a bunch of things and let them arrange themselves, without outside guidance they become more random.  This has been taught as entropy in physics for years.  The idea of life from stuff by chance goes completely against that law of physics..   

    Just some questions regarding evolution as an improved state of the species.

If we have been evolving for so long:

  • Why are there stupid people? Wouldn’t evolution have selected against them?
  • Gay and Lesbian people can’t have children.  Wouldn’t evolution have selected against them?
  • Mothers kill their unborn fetuses every day,   Wouldn’t evolution have selected against that urge?
  • Whether 7 feet tall or three feet talk.  Wouldn’t evolution have selected against one of them?
  • We are called homo erectus.  Where is the next human species?
  • If we evolved from apes why do the remaining apes not evolve?
  • Why do we still get the flu?

Interbreeding my explain small species variations in an isolated environment but non of these creatures shows signs of turning into a completely new species.  Even scientists explaining the pre-cambrian explosion are at a lost to explain the rate of observed change and the creation of new species.  I would argue that there is an unseen hand directing all these processes.  Science could never admit that.  What a shame.




A Jewish Easter – The Gateway to Heaven

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, said of Heaven, “I’ve earned my place in heaven.”    Given that only almighty God can grant entrance to heaven, that is a pretty presumptuous statement.  Still lets table that for a second and let me share a story.

When I was a child and well into my teens, my family celebrated Christmas with a big ole decorated Christmas tree that filled the den from floor to ceiling.  It was covered in ornaments, many of which I still have, and underneath were presents galore.  On Christmas day we would have friends over to celebrate the day.  Even our friend Father Wade would stop by in the afternoon and have some egg nog with us. Food was out all day and people would stop and visit then go on their way.   Since we were Jewish and also celebrated Hanukkah it created an interesting dynamic.  In any case, there was no talk of Christ, just the celebrating of a holiday like it was the fourth of July.  If I had died then and God asked me if I believed in Jesus, telling him I celebrated Christmas would certainly not satisfy him.  Having a celebration does not make me a righteous person.  

Easter would role around and we would again celebrate.  Along with the Passover feast (Seder) we received Easter baskets filled with goodies and candy.  I always got drunk by the 4th cup of wine.  The next question, does either participating in the Seder or celebrating Easter with eggs and bunnies make me the righteous?   Actually what is righteous?  

From God’s perspective, righteousness is a sin free existence, perfection.  As the psalms put it, God is Holy, Holy, Holy.  That is perfect.   Without righteousness, the gates of heaven are cannot open as God’s Holiness is  without evil, blame or sin.  Even the best of us humans have not fully upheld all the 10 commandments all the time.  That is why Paul said in Romans 3:10, “There is no one righteous, not even one.”    Don’t forget this is the interpretation of the scriptures from a Jew who at the time only had the Old Testament. 

So coming back to Mayor Bloomberg’s statement.  The idea that any individual is pure enough, holy enough, has done enough good things to offset their sins or the bad things they have done is preposterous.  Just the existence of the sin is enough to bar one from heaven as holiness and righteousness is required.  God, granted Abraham that his belief in God be counted as righteousness.  He demonstrated a belief far more uncommon than anyone i know.  Still God did give a way for all of us to enter heaven, by believing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  God counts that belief as righteousness.

Mayor Bloomberg believes he can earn his way to heaven.  The Muslims also believe that, even as they are killing non-Muslims.  Believing in Christ will produce good works (that is why there are so many effective Christian missions) but believing in your works will not produce righteousness,.  Mayor Bloomberg may have done many good things (banning big sips in NY) but God will not count them as the scales are weighed against his righteousness and his heart, not his deeds.  

I pray for all that you have an awesome Easter, and celebrate it for the sacrifice that makes holiness before God possible and with that Eternal Life.