Oh, America What Have You Forgotten?

A US History that is no longer taught is filled with ideals.  It is filled with Americans tossing aside the shackles on oppression usually at great risk and with often with blood.  That very thing formed the foundation of the true America, the America of dreams, heroes and extraordinary souls.  It’s the America where freedom reigns.  Getting to freedom has always required a mortal commitment.

Henry David Thoreau said, “Government is best which governs not at all and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.”

Escaping religious persecution the Pilgrims left England to form colonies in the US. The pursuit of freedom laid the basis for some of our first settlers.  As oppression came from England, the founding fathers, and specifically Patrick Henry stood up and said, “Give me liberty or give me death.”    

The revolutionary war, the war of 1812, the fight of the abolitionists (Thoreau was one of them.) and the Civil War were all wars fought for liberty.  People that believed slaves should be freed stood up and tore this country in two for that ideal.  The first World War and the Second World War were also about stopping unrestrained conquest and enslavement.  We Americans have been people to stand up for liberty and freedom throughout our history.  

Such ideals are not safe.  They cost lives, and they are risky. Preserving freedom is bloody business.  Without those ideals France would not be free and Eastern Europe would still be under the yoke of the old Soviet Union.  We should celebrate that about ourselves, that we are a beacon of freedom in a world of tyrants.  It can be said that we will stand up for the oppressed, here and at abroad, that we have real heroes in our midst and that we can impact the world for good.

Perhaps it is time to realize the America we should be, the America of ideals, the America that will not tolerate internal war zones like Chicago where gangs that oppress are eradicated, the America that has borders and remains the beacon for people to come here for a new life, not a dumping ground for the world,s poor, the America that gives more to the poor across the world than any other country, the America that understands that strength deters bad people, the America that fights for freedom around the world, the America that understands the difference between our friends and our enemies, and the America that chooses to let men (and women) govern themselves without the oppressive had of government to guide them.



Since When Did Liberia Become More Progressive than the US

The West African country of Liberia has closed its borders to prevent the spread of Ebola into the country.   So why has President Obama not closed ours to prevent the spread of TB, and Bacterial Pneumonia, both diseases having been reported among the influx of illegals coming into the U.S.?How is it that Liberia knows how to control its borders better than the United States?  

I guess that the new slogan for immigration into the U.S. will be, “Give us your tired, your poor, your diseased, your criminals and your children.”    Let’s open our arms to the next epidemic.  I guess that is how the President plans to reduce the surplus population.  Just think of the Obamacare savings.


The New Anti-Semitism — Where will it Stop?

All the obfuscation in the world will not hide the fact that Hamas (supported by Iran and US dollars) is a terrorist group whose stated intent is the death of all Israelis.  Not only is that the stated intent but the reality as evidenced by tunnels, suicide bombers and 1000’s of rockets. Those are the facts. 

So why would anyone blame Israel, the country that has been under decades of attack from people bent on their destruction?    Why would the US continue to fund (through the Palestinian Authority) Hamas?  The only logical explanation is that those supporting Hamas and blaming Israel are anti-Semites. (Not my original idea, but expounding on it.) They are supporting the destruction of the Jews, first in the middle east, then across the world.  By supporting the Palestinians they can be Jew Haters without saying so out loud.  

If I want to destroy you and your life and want to do so through someone else that also wants to destroy you, it does not change the fact that I am supporting your destruction.  Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, much of the UN and a substantial number of Muslims all want the destruction of Israel. Most of those same people want the destruction of Christian’s and all who do not agree with their version of Islam.  It is anti-Semitic.  It is hate.  

I am Jewish, and I am a believer in Jesus Christ, therefore a Christian.  ISIS in Iraq is currently killing Christians by the 10,000’s.  If Iran gets rid of Israel they will next turn their hate on the west, Christians first.  Hate never stops with its first victim, particularly hate fueled by religious fanaticism.  

Where is the US in protecting Israel?  Why is Obama giving Iran time to develop a nuclear weapon?  Why does the US continue to fund Hamas?  Where are the defenders of freedom?  Is our federal government anti-Semitic?  Why do Jews continue to fund a government that is actively supporting their destruction?  Did the Nazi’s teach nothing.  If those who had an interest in the preservation of Israel would stand up and remove those that continue to endanger it the world would be a much safer place.  If you remain silent on this, when they come for you, it will be too late.

Calling Power Company Racist Gives Utility Customers Free Ride

Ok, I admit that the above headline is not true, but.. it may be true for the Water Authority in Detroit where the Water Authority’s threat to cut off water to people that don’t pay their bills is being called racist by the NAACP.  Perhaps taking on the thinking of the NAACP in this instance is not a good idea, but perhaps my confusion can be cleared up.    Isn’t the NAACP supposed to promote the advancement of colored people?   How is calling those that wish to collect on unpaid bills ‘racist’ promoting advancement?

The message the NAACP is sending is that if you are a minority, it is OK for you not to pay your bills.  We, the NAACP will help you keep your water flowing even though you have not paid your water bill.   Instead of saying, “You need to find another job, position or source of income so that you can pay your bill”, we are going to promote further handouts to you.  Does the NAACP believe that the people they are defending are not capable of supporting themselves?  The message the NAACP is sending is that these people are helpless unless given a hand out. The NAACP is encouraging minorities to be irresponsible and dependent.  How is that helpful to them. 

Whatever happened to giving people a hand up, instead of a hand out?  Somehow, the NAACP has forgotten the difference.   It creates a view of African Americans as incapable of taking care of themselves, not only in the non-minority community, but with African Americans themselves.  Why work, why be responsible if the NAACP can get you a handout.  Sooner or later the handouts will run out and a whole generation will be incapable of earning and doing for themselves.  It is a shame that the NAACP has no more depth and is willing to destroy its own beneficiaries for the advancement of the NAACP.  

How Enlightened Is Our Media? Let’s Consider.

ABC, NBC, CBC, CNN, and MSNBC  have not reported on the Christian Holocaust in Iraq any significant way.  Over a million Christians have been displaced or murdered.  ISIS is painting the letter “N” for “Nazarene”  on the front doors of the remaining Christian’s homes.  Does that remind anyone of how Jewish Homes were identified during World War II?  

Why do the main news outlets give so little coverage to this?  All I found were short blurbs which did not detail the real extent of this horror.  Are they covering for Obama whose policies have led to the fall of most of Iraq?  Are they covering for his inaction in Syria which has left ISIS untouched by any real resistance?  At what point will they wake up?  If these extremist are killing Christian’s how do you think Jews or Atheists will fair?  Does the media not care about Iraq and its fall? 

Letting ISIS, whose brutality and stated intent is no different than that of the Nazis, to kill all those who are not believers in Allah,  continue to consolidate territory makes no sense.  Not reporting the truth in detail and hiding it to protect the President puts not just Americans but every non-Muslim at risk.

When will the media call attention to this holocaust?  Once Turkey is overrun will they pay attention?  What about after Greece and Spain?  Can these countries be overrun without our taking steps to stop them?   ISIS is a group who intend to destroy Christians, Jews and anyone else that does not believe as they do. Yet our media shows no outrage against this religiocide.

Do the offices of CNN and NBC have to be taken over and their people slaughtered by ISIS before they pay attention?  It is a shame that the media and our government feel that it is OK to let evil reign unopposed throughout the world.  It is even sadder that the motivation for letting evil remain is ideological and political.  Perhaps when the sword looms over their heads they will figure out that evil does exist.



Who does and who does not?

Four guys were sitting around the table at their Tuesday morning weekly bible study. The restaurant had the news playing in the background. A story caught their attention. A Pelham man had died leaving a widow and three kids. What should we do asked one man?

The first man said,”We need to pray for that family.”
The second guy said,”No, prayer is not enough. I will fast all day tomorrow and pray for them.”
The third man said,”I will fast, and pray. I will even go to their house to pray with them”
The fourth, the man that asked the question when the others looked at him, said,”I am concerned for them, but I am not sure what I would do.”

Immediately after breakfast the fourth man, who had few resources of his own started calling his friends. By that afternoon he had collected several $1000s of dollars in cash and a truck load of food.

When he dropped by the house of the widow that night she could feel the love of Christ in the offering. He was the hands and feat of the Savior that day. Indeed faith without works is dead. Prayer without the faith to do is also less than is asked of us.

Are you a doer? Are the leaders we put our faith in Doers?

Is it Treason?

We have by far exceeded the time when impeachment was an appropriate remedy for the executive overreach that characterizes the current regime.  Anyone that gives aid, and comfort to the enemy could be considered a traitor.  If someone literally arms the enemies of a nation is that treason?  I would argue that it is indeed treason and I will lay out the facts for you to decide.

Gitmo Detainees Being Released  is one of the headlines in today’s news.  This follows on the heals of the release 5 high value terrorists in exchange for the deserter Sgt. Bergdahl.  There is little doubt that these 5 will return after a year at most to committing acts of terror against the United States.  They are all veterans of jihad against the US.  Their release will ultimately kill American’s when in reality they should be held in a military jail.

These two events are most recent items, however, soon after the start of the Obama regime his justice department sold guns on purpose to Mexican cartels.   I would argue that the plan was for those guns to kill Americans so the the regime could put forth their anti-gun agenda.  A border patrol agent died as a result of that plan.

Further, as part of policy, the regime continues to fund Hamas through the Palestinian Authority. At least one American has been killed in the past year by Hamas.  If I give you money to buy a gun after you tell me you are going to kill a bunch of people, am I not a conspirator in murder after you kill someone.  When it is the President and the terrorists are killing Americans is that treason?

Some other examples would include Pakistan where we gave billions while they hid Osama Bin Laden.  We give millions to  Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala but they continue to flood our country with their citizens putting us at risk.  Of course there are terrorists coming across the border.  Our millions are paying for those terrorists to come here, along with assorted gang and cartel members.

The President has purposely failed to seal the border.  He could.  With the National Guard and a fence it could be fully secured in months.  It is his responsibility under the law.  Failure to do so puts Americans at physical risk. One of the immigrants the border control released killed an American last week.

That is the President’s fault.  Had they deported the guy as the law requires the American would be alive.  All in all the President has made choices that endanger us all.  It has and continues to result in the death of Americans.  You can decide if it is treason.




If This is OK then What Else?

If it is OK to cross the border and the US government will take you in house you and feed you, is it OK for me to:

Break into your house and wait for you to feed me?

Take your food without your permission. (It is a right.) 

If the IRS can target people they disagree with can I:

Report people I don’t like as terrorists to the FBI?

Audit Charter Cable because I think they over charge me.

If Obama can just refuse to enforce the law?

Can I refuse to have any healthcare coverage?

Can I walk into Mexico and stay as a Mexican citizen?

Can I stop paying taxes?

Is It on Purpose?

I promise to not to be brazenly trite after this opening statement, but truth sometimes trumps the effort to avoid cliches. You can judge a man by his actions, and or in Obama’s case, his inactions.

I would argue that the destruction of our healthcare system, the influx at the border, the evisceration of our military, the failure of our economy, our diminished power and prestige abroad, the increased threat to our allies around the world and the imminent acquisition by Iran of a nuclear weapon are all the direct consequence of Obama’s purposeful policies. Obama is a “Worldist”, someone who believes every country should have the same resources and advantages as every other country no matter their intent, political system or religion. Closely allied with this view is the failure to recognize individual effort (individualism) and support for open borders. As have others who have believed that people must be ruled by the state, Obama also believes that the end justifies the means.

Let’s start with some examples. The attack on the Embassy in Benghazi, Libya in 2011 has been analyzed in great depth.  That government put out the story about it being caused by a completely unrelated video when they knew otherwise was political. But what of the question, why did we not send in people to rescue them?  By all accounts we could have done that. Obama wanted to avoid that, not just because it did not fit his political narrative, but even more so, because a successful rescue would have broadcast to the world our amazing capability, causing our enemies to fear us and increasing the perception that we were indeed a super power. So, instead of America looking strong and projecting American exceptionalism, he was willing to let Americans die. He does not want us to look better, stronger or safer than anyone else.

He uses regulation and a direct attack on our energy sector to drive up energy prices. He claims it is about global warming but our portion of the world’s global warming, if there is such a thing,  is minuscule compared to China and India. It is really a way to put the brakes on the US economy and direct funds into areas that the government wants to invest in. Controlling energy controls money, props up the Arab Oil producers and keeps the U.S. as dependent. Stopping the American engine so we look helpless like everyone else is his goal.  Helpless creates the need for big government.  Prosperity is the antithesis to big government and it screams freedom.

Control is a big theme in Obama’s economy. No matter the devastation of Obamacare or the failure of the stimulus companies, he believes government should control all of the economy.   To Obama and his idealogs killing a few sick people, veterans,  people with private insurance, or people that might disagree with them is a natural part of the process.  Every big government approach in history has taken for granted that people die in order to bring about the greater good.  Stalin killed his opponents,  the intellectuals, and anyone who disagreed with his vision.  Then the  vision killed millions.

The influx on the border has been orchestrated.  There was supposed to be a fence and a border patrol that turned people away or deterred entrance.  Yes, with stroke of a pen he has broadcast that we will not turn people away and he has actively orchestrated in influx.  It is all part of the same plan, to destroy America, to overwhelm its resources, and to create a call to big government.  His desire is to get that call loud enough to eliminate the democratic system altogether.

The debt, paying people not to work, reducing American productivity to new lows by making it unrewarding to work is also reshaping our country.  The greater the dependence on government, the less chance society will return to a more independent, free and prosperous realm.  Again, it centers on centralizing power in Washington and creating the command economy of the USSR.

Those that do not realize that this is on purpose do not give him and those behind him enough credit.    They mean to abolish the constitution and all freedom except for those freedoms that they allow.  The net result will be more VA’s, more death, more poverty, more terror, Israel under siege , Iran with a nuclear weapon, or a bunch of nuclear weapons.  This is the fair and wonderful world envisioned by our President.  In the past this was called treason.  How it became progressivism is still a mystery.

Why is the United States not Energy Independent?

The United States is one of the richest oil and natural gas producing countries in the world with more than enough resources to be completely energy independent. Why then has the government selected a host of policies that drive our energy costs up and prop up foreign energy producers? More than any other single factor, the rise in energy costs are driving inflation and the impoverishment of the average American.

If you ever wonder whether your government is looking out for you, all you have to do is examine energy policy and its impact on your wallet.

Let’s start with the obvious. Just one of many firms lobbying Congress on behalf of Saudi Arabia is Qorvis which has been paid over $60.3 million since 2001. Instead of pursuing fracking, off shore drilling and natural gas exploration Congress has chosen to create policies that protect the Saudi export price. We pay for that choice. We pay for that whether it is Iraq, or Kuwait or any other oil lobby country. Our energy policy is bought and paid for by foreign interests.

Further, a second group driving up our prices is the environmentalists. The push for policies to stem the tide of a non-existent global warming crisis is a push designed to keep energy prices artificially high and to keep American energy out of the market. (Did you hear of this years record Antarctican Sea ice.) How much foreign capital goes to pay for environmental lobbies is a good question. I bet its overwhelming.

It is environmental concerns that have kept fracking out of NY and kept the Keystone pipeline from being built even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the environmental impact is minimal. Those taking money,campaign or otherwise from these foreign groups are interested in their own profit, not the welfare of the country. Foreign lobbies should be outlawed. They have no interest in our welfare. It is time to elect people that care more about the United States than global welfare and their own pockets. Energy policy demonstrates corruption at its purest.

We could have $1.00 per gallon gas and an economy that booms more than any other, if only we could use the resources God us without interference by traitors and foreign interests. Think about this the next time you fill up.