Lest We Forget

Our media, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and ABC all failed to report on the destruction of Lois Lerner’s blackberry over the weekend.  This was big news,  the deliberate destruction of evidence regarding the persecution of conservative groups  prior to the last election.  It was news regarding the government violations of the law and the constitution. So why was this news not covered by the big news outlets?  There is no other explanation than that they are protecting the current administration and those that violate our constitution.  It is a shameful and truly shortsighted behavior.

The press has forgotten that it is the constitution that protects their existence.    Once the government gets full control of media outlets, how many media outlets will be allowed to continue?  If we look at the model that the largest previously communist country provides(USSR) , the answer is one.  One government controlled media outlet will be all that is left after the government reigns in what’s left of media diversity.  Right now, listening to MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS is no different to listening to any one of them.  Totalitarian governments can not tolerate any thought outside of the propaganda they wish to disseminate.

If as Americans you want to investigate all the places these outlets have failed you, take the time to learn more about:

The Open Border movement and uncontrolled alien influx from Mexico.

The Fast and Furious Scandal (Americans died with US government provided guns.

Sargent Tahmooressi who remains languishing in a Mexican jail while Jihadists are set in exchange for for a deserter.

IRS Scandal.

The eugenics movement and how this is helped through planned parenthood.

Changing laws without the authority or approval from Congress required by the Constitution.

The loss of Iraq, the Crimea, now the Ukraine since we have removed out influence.

The distrust and disrespect of our allies.

The take over of territory by China.

Uninhibited, lawless spying on citizens, allies, companies, and congressional offices.

The truth about who Michael Brown was and about the Mo. incident.

The government that does not respect the constitution will not forever tolerate any diversity in media outlets.  The failure of our media to consistently report the truth will result in their demise.  Why have multiple outlets to report the same thing when one is easier to control?  Why provide any chance for the public to get the truth?  Totalitarian governments, and no doubt we are heading that way, always behave the same way.

The TSA is Now the New DEA and thinks its the FDA

Government it seems no longer needs to pretend there is a valid threat before subjecting passengers to a full on search. The TSA is now requiring passengers to tell the about the medications they are carrying.  Pardon me, but is my Plavix going to explode and bring a plane down to the ground. 

I can hear it now, “Excuse me sir, but you must declare your medications.  You are going to have to prove to us that you aren’t carrying Tamiflu.”  If you are you will be forbidden from flying since you apparently plan on getting the flu and killing the whole Eastern seaboard. 

In order for the nurse, who has had years of training to ask you about how you are feeling you have got to sign a bunch of forms giving her and the doctor permission to discuss your situation.  The TSA agent, often with about 8 weeks of thug training can now demand that you explain why you take anti-psychotic medicines.  It’s probably so that your don’t go postal when TSA people ask questions they have no right to ask.

But what about stopping illegal drugs you ask?  Yes, I always pack my 6 kilos of heroin in my luggage so it can go through the x-ray machine on the way to the plane.   Really, the criminals will just drive it from Mexico to Chicago.  No one will stop them there and they know it.  

Who gave the TSA the right to treat everyone as criminals?  How many planes have they protected? Terrorists will just walk through or under the fence surrounding the airports.  They won’t announce that is who they are.    When we all have to prove innocence rather that be found guilty we have moved into the realm of the totalitarian.  In case you wonder if that is really the case, a couple of years ago the TSA spent an hour digging out a 1 and a half inch multi-tool from the bottom of my bag and then confiscated it.  It was a tool of the devil.  I was planning on taking apart the plane with the pliers.

When are we going to stand up for the freedom this country was founded on.  You never know when someone will board a plane with 100’s of water pills and force all the passengers to have to pee at the same time.



Spin — and the Cure for A Country — Truth

The most brazen and audacious thing that anyone can do in America today is to speak the truth.  As long as the American people allow the ‘media’, that is news outlets, cable outlets, magazines, and even the internet to mold their opinions through selective reporting and commentary we are destined to continue to decline as a country and as a people.  Those who speak out are vilified, called vile names, shouted down and threatened.  Political interest, political power and our current leadership’s reason for being is exemplified by preserving the myths that protect their position.

Here are several examples of how the distortion of the truth is damaging each and every American.

The idea that global warming is some sort of immediate threat, along with the massive regulations against fracking, energy and coal have keep the US from becoming energy independent.  Never mind that for the last 17 years there has been no evidence of global warming and even some evidence of cooling.  The myth has fueled massive new taxes, government regulation and the centralization of government power while propping up tyrannical and dictatorial governments in the Middle East.   The oil money has fueled Assad and now ISIS along with 10,000s of terrorists when had we focused on our own development these groups would have much less power.  The Ukraine has been paralyzed because they have no other source of oil, so Russia is unopposed as it invades.  Jobs here have been diminished because we suppress the development of this resource.   

A booming economy is a bulwark against tyranny.  Our government only wants a controlled economy where it is the government that chooses the winners and losers.  Unfortunately,  most people in such an economy are losers as we have pretty well found out.  We should not kid ourselves, it is about power and control.  Letting the myth of global warming act as an excuse creates the atmosphere for an unabashed government power grab.  In spite of the evidence the contrary no one speaks up.  Those who do, even former advocates for the theory are shouted down and bullied.  Evidence of scientific measurements that are fudged is ignored, facts are ignored, because it is not facts that fuel the myth, it is power. 

While inner city blacks are dying in droves from black on black crime, and while black on white crime is a huge problem in this country, the media is up in arms about a young black guy killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo.  It is a tragedy, but statistically a death by a police officer of a suspect is very rare in this county.  This is not what the media would have everyone believe.  Michael Brown was seen stealing and being violent on video tape right before his encounter.  The officer that shot him was pummeled, his eye socket broken.  These are the facts.  The boy was seen acting like a thug, his last or next to his last act while alive was to beat on this officer.   How is being a thug and beating on the officer excusable.  Perhaps he did not deserve to die, but the old adage that those who live by the sword die by the sword might be in play here.  

Those that want to generate African American democratic votes this fall want you to believe that there is some racial motive here.  The whole story is a myth designed to manipulate the black community into voting democratic.    Why don’t those same people show up in Chicago every weekend where black youth continue to die?  Why are they not speaking out against the gangs, drugs and evil that is taking over our poorer neighborhoods?  If you are a thug and killing and harming folks you need to be in jail.  Those claiming race should be screaming to create economic opportunity and working to put these gangs out of business,  Instead those same people are promoting open borders and stealing opportunity from these same communities.

 It is about time that people see things as they are , not as they are manipulated to see them.  As long as the media pays no price for lying to us, and as long as people are willing to take what they are spoon fed, we will continue to suffer.  Growing up I heard about how journalists were so brave in the pursuit of the truth.  They have as a group become the willing lap dogs of those with political agendas.  They no longer investigate, they just regurgitate the cud they have been fed.  America is in decline as a result.  It is a sad,sad state of affairs.

End the Coup — Before the Death of Democracy

Over 300 bills have been passed by Congress to address a multitude of issues from problems with Obamacare to border Issues. The Senate (Harry Reid) has refused to bring these 300 bills up for a vote effectively stopping the Democratic process.  This lets the Democrats claim that Congress is not doing its job while providing personal cover for Democrats in the Senate who are scared to go on record with their views.  It also frees Obama up to rule by fiat and let’s him continue to make law with no checks or balances. 

From that standpoint, the Coup, the take over of the American government has already happened.  As Jeff Sessions said, Obama is a lawless President with no respect for the Constitution and he is being supported and shielded by Democrats in the Senate.  George Soros is spending millions to protect this coup in the mid-term elections. 

Whether it is the government spying on its own people, the purposeful creation of racial hatred, the creation of open borders, the destruction of our healthcare system, the suppression of groups that disagree with the government, the persecution of Christians, the destruction of the coal industry or the manipulation of the media the era of repressive, dictatorial and oppressive government has arrived. 

Unless the Senate returns to Republican control this midterm the process of destroying our economy and our country will continue.  The open border influx will continue to steal our taxes and take our jobs leaving more and more Americans in poverty. The decline of our healthcare system will be wrought with stories of death caused by the change in coverage.  The horrors of living in a dictatorship will be ever more apparent and it is quite possible that there will be no real election in 2016. 

If you plan on living in a Democracy the mid-term elections may be your last shot at preserving that Democracy.  It may be too late already.

Deeper Questions About Ferguson, Mo.

There is only one undisputed fact in Ferguson, Mo.  A police officer shot Michael Brown.

So, here are the questions:

Why have we not heard the police officer’s version of the story?

Did someone decide early on that this could be used for political hay?

Did the media block the officer’s story from coming out? 

Who has blocked the release of other information in this situation?

Is this event purposely being used to divide America?

Who paid for all these protesters to come into Ferguson?  Most are not from the city.

Why were so many people so upset about a video showing Michael Brown shoplifting and being a thug.

Why does the media seem to avoid any narrative that might exonerate the cop?

I do not know what happened here, but based on some of the testimony I think that Michael Brown was 

heading back toward the police officer and threatening him.  The first shots to his arm were meant to deter 

his forward progress.  When he Michael Brown continued to threaten he was killed.    

If that is the truth, why is it hidden?


Massive Governmental Failure — Ferguson Could Have Been Avoided

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in his article talks about Ferguson not as a racial skirmish but as one fueled by the inequity of the have and have nots.   He derides rich people who wish to stop the flow of food stamps. (Actually rich people like food stamps. See below.)   To the extent that those rioting and looting in Ferguson are poor and disenfranchised he is correct.  Black unemployment is twice that of white unemployment.  Opportunity in this country, not only for Aftrican-Americans but for everyone is far less than it should be.  Wages for those who are working are deflated and their value 23% less than they were just 6 years ago.  For millions of Americans it makes more economic sense to stay at home and collect benefits than to get a part time job.

Government policy has made subsistence living (living on government programs) more profitable than employment.  It has also reduced the incentives for small employers to grow by penalizing their success with higher taxes, higher  insurance costs (Obamacare), and more regulation.  Why should a business expand when the cost of hiring a new employee exceeds the added value that employee can contribute to the business.

A recent study of  the influence of the general population on governmental policy found that average individuals, those that make up the vast majority of the American electorate have essentially no influence on the policies that have made so many lives difficult.  It is big business and high net worth folks that are controlling these policies.  These policies are designed to strengthen the profits of large companies and to shied these same companies from competition.

The most egregious example of this is the push by large employers to open our southern border to illegals.  They want cheap labor and are willing to hang everyone else out to dry to get this.  Cheap labor means those working lower end jobs are out of work and on government benefits.  Cheap labor means higher corporate profits, and less benefits to pay.  Illegal labor means no social security taxes on the workers, or worker’s comp.  This creates big profits at the expense of poorer Americans across the board.

Higher coal regulation protects energy companies and the Saudis.  Laws against fracking protect the Saudis and foreign oil.  Laws protecting territories protect the cable companies from competition.  The result of these, Obamacare and 1000s of other laws is a depressed economy devoid of opportunity and upward mobility.  These same laws mean that companies don’t really need to compete for the best talent.  This depresses wages and enhances profits.

My only contention with Mr. Abdul-Jabbar’s article is that stopping the flow of food stamps makes people seek a less dependent method of survival. Big money likes food stamps because it keeps people from demanding opportunity.   When food stamps becomes a way of life it deprives the recipients of dignity and the desire to be more.  It is those that are currently disenfranchised who if the structure of governmental dependence and control were dismantled would benefit the most.  Remove the influence of industry and the wealthy on policy and free people to seek their own best interest.  This would reverse the trend toward increasing poverty by opening up opportunity, not just for African-Americans but for everyone.

This country has lost sight of what freedom is all about.  Since when did the Federal Government become out economic master?



Suicide a Glamorous Death? Or is it Self-Murder?

Those of us that say people are responsible for their own actions even if they are depressed are called unenlightened.   That is the nice term.  Is it harsh to hold people responsible for their actions? We are a nation given to understanding the actions and not placing a moral judgement on those actions.  I would argue the lack of moral judgement results in increased pain and suffering across all aspects of society.   Let’s explore how that approach impacts suicides in the US. 

It used to be that those who committed suicide were looked down on as having taken the easy way out while leaving their problems to their survivors.  It was not glorified, accepted or OK, even if it was prompted by depression, mental illness, or drug abuse.  Committing suicide had a stigma associated with it.   According to CDC and the Society for Suicide Prevention the rate of suicides has increased slightly each year for the past 5 years.  If we continue to excuse it, place no stigma to it, excuse it because it was caused by depression, then it will continue to increase.  How can you truly value life, but excuse self-murder?

Depression is a scourge, millions face those demons on a dally basis.  I would argue that every person that seeks suicide has by that point screwed up chemistry and thought processes.  They are unable to distinguish a good idea from a bad one. Suicide to them looks like a valid option.  If society says its a valid option, then one possible deterrent is taken away.

Some teens have even seen mass suicide as a valid approach to problem solving.  The devaluing of life seen since the implementation of Row vs Wade, and with the promotion of euthanasia as a valid approach to the end of life has cheapened life.  There is a movement to understand the why of depression and not to blame the depressed for their own actions. Millions of depressed people act rationally every day.  The horror of the act is no less whether it is caused by depression or something else. 

If we excuse self-murder because the person was depressed, why do we not excuse mass-murderers because they are depressed.  When Adam Lanza in Sandy Hook gunned down 20 children did we say that it was OK, because he was depressed.    

As a society we should do everything we can to help those who are in the throws of depression, or caught in the web of substance abuse to get help. We should encourage them to seek treatment, report them if they seem to be a danger to themselves or others.  I would suggest that we make it clear as a society that suicide is not an acceptable out. We have moved well away from that and as a result we have more suicides and not less.  Perhaps we should put the stigma back onto the suicide.  Would that save lives?  


Robin Williams A Different Perspective

Robin Williams was an incredible actor.  He was talented and capable at his craft as are millions of professionals in every walk of American life.  His death is a tragedy.  Yes, it is a tragedy that he is dead, but the fact is, his death will leave behind grieving family and people that will be impacted by his suicide for many years.  

His granddaughter, the one he tweeted about a couple of weeks ago will be messed up by Robin Williams suicide.  The harm to her is real and long term.  

The people left behind may have to deal with his burdens. They will have a life without him. The hurt and damage he caused by choosing to end his own life is not something that the media has been focused on.   Yet, that is the true impact of his suicide.  

I understand how personal demons can cause a completely self-focused, self-absorbed thought process that fails to consider others in the decision to commit suicide.  It is a thought process driven by desperation and one that loses the perspective of how others interact with you.  The only way someone commits suicide is by ignoring the feelings and personal devotions of the people that care about them.  They are willing to burn those people in the process of eliminating their own demons. 

Perhaps the view people used to take of suicide is more appropriate.  It is an escape at the cost of other peoples lives.   It used to be considered a selfish and self-focused act and was looked down upon.  It is a shame we have gone to glorifying an act which has such deep and lasting hurt for those left behind.



Promises, Lies and Looters

Obama’s approach to governance is to take everything of value and destroy it.

If something makes a profit, tax it out of existence.

If something is shiny, scuff it up.

If it is gold, replace it with tin.

If it helps people, regulate it out of existence. 

If wealthy people do it, get rid of it.

Over the past 6 years Obama has promised economic prosperity, $2,500 less per year in health insurance costs, governmental transparency, that you could keep your doctor. Today, Breitbart tells us that real wages are down 23% in the past 6 years.   The middle class is paying more in taxes, (Not just the over $250,000 crowd.) but the $50,000 crowd and everyone else.  If Obama were Pinocchio his nose would extend to the moon an back 100 times. 

In St. Louis, civil protests over the unfortunate death on a young black man have resulted in riots and looting,   These people have a right to protest, and to ask if the shooting were justified. They can demand justice.  How is stealing and destroying going to bring the young man back.  Why isn’t every rioter in jail?  These are not protesters, they are thugs. 

Still the Obama administration does not promise to investigate the thugs, not in St. Louis, or Chicago, or anywhere else.  They immediately look at investigating the police.  It is just like the economic news,  The administration is presiding of a purposeful decline and to the extent they can the destruction of everything in this country that has value. 

Just like with the border.  If he does not like a thing he destroys it.    I don’t recognize this country as it is now.



Solving Problems

According to Rush Limbaugh “Victory in Politics” solves problems.  From 2008 to 2010 the Democrats had that victory.  They controlled the Congress, the Senate and the Presidency. They passed a lot of laws, including Obamacare.  Since then they have had enough victory to hold on to the Senate and the Presidency.  Their changes remain the law of the land.

What problems were solved? The availability of healthcare with higher prices and deductibles has diminished.  Their victory made the problem worse.  Is the border safer? Is the problem of illegal  immigration better?  Do we have more full-time workers than we had in 2008?, Do we have less poverty? Do we have a safer world?  What about less division among the races?  

Victory only solves problems when that victory is associated with policies that actually and successfully address the issues at hand.  The current set of policies, and laws have driven this country into defeat on every front.  We are poorer, less respected, less successful, and less safe than at anytime in the past 30 years.  Victory is only worth while when those that win truly have the country’s welfare as their main objective.