This Is Why Americans Are Being Killed Around the World

Obama laments the distorted view Americans have of Muslims.  Terrorist acts are up substantially.  More Americans have been killed by Islamic terrorists last year than in any year previously.  Our president continues to pretend that Islamic terrorists, Muslim radicals, do not exist.  His approach:

Lead to the rise of ISIS.

Lead to American deaths.

Is Leading to the Loss of Iraq

Is Leading to the Loss of Afghanistan

Will lead to countless more deaths.

Frankly, when I see an image of a Muslim with a knife beheading Christians, I don’t have a distorted view.  I see a religious fanatic committing murder in the name of his religion.  That religion is Islam.  Look around the world today; Boka Haram,  Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS.  These are not Christian groups, Jewish groups, Hindu’s, Buddhists, or Greek Pagans.  Nope, they are Muslims.  I would like to lament that we have a president that consistently puts Americans at risk in favor of a politically correct theoretical view completely in la la land.   

Those whose death he is responsible for will never have a chance to speak up.  His theory kills real people.

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