Choosing Between Brain Freeze, Heaven or Hell

Recent research has shown that Cryogenic preservation can preserve memories even after the frozen brain thaws.  Of course, the research has only been performed on nematodes (worms), but for the 300 people who have already had their brains and bodies frozen this is good news.  Prior to this research they did not even know if their memories would be intact whenever science progressed to the point of trying to restore them to life.  There are some interesting questions that cryogenic preservation raises.

If you have your brain frozen for cryogenic preservation do you wind up with a permanent brain freeze?  Ugh!!!

If you are thawed and still dead can you be refrozen so they can try again later.

How long until you get freezer burn?

Does freezer burn keep you from being reanimated?

What happens if you are reanimated but like Frankenstein, do you get a refund?  Could you spend it?

Do you get to star in your own movie?  Perhaps you should have already let it go!

Does your soul return once you are thawed?

Will being frozen keep you cool in hell?

Will you develop a obsessive fear of power outages?

If you had accepted Christ before being frozen would you want to come back, even if you could?

Perhaps they should transfer your memories into a worm to preserve them.

Cryogenic preservation is the perfect business.  Your clients will never complain and they will keep paying you forever. The existence of a business that freezes you deadness with the idea of bringing you back to live later is proof that people will believe anything.  Of course having Obama in the Whitehouse proves that as well.

There is only one way to have eternal life.  Only one guy in history that came back, and his brain was not frozen, he did not bank on false hope, and he opened the door for everyone.  The eternal salvation and life he provides is free and open to every one.

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