Because I Say So

If things were true just because people said so, we would live in a world much like the one we are experiencing.  Rachel Donezal decided she was black and for years no one revealed the truth about her.  Her parents were not hidden, her lawsuit as a white chick against Howard University was not hidden.  She just said, “I am black.”  and like magic, she was.    Still no matter how you look at it she had and always had anglo genes.  No matter of imagination would ever make her black.

But, she continues, “I am a black girl in a white chicks body.”  Would that make it true?  What if she were to have a race change operation?  (Exchange her white skin for black skin.)   Would that make her black?   How about a face tattoo changing the color of her skin?  Does that make her black?

Much of the media CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC have given her a platform to try and redeem herself.  She committed fraud, collected 100,000s in salary, lied to everyone she dealt with and still much of the media gives her a pass.  My goodness,  the misrepresentation to get salary is worth 10+ years in jail and restitution.  Where is the call for that?

So lets just say this is ok in our world, what else would be ok?

What if I say that I am a rich guy in a poor guy’s body?   Will  the Mercedes lot let me drive away and finance  a  Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe and just believe that I can pay for it.  ($215,000)

What if I say that I am an ace airline pilot in a blind man’s body? Would Delta let me fly their planes?

What if I say I am a woman in a man’s body?  Will I ever get pregnant?

What if I am a convicted murderer in jail and I say that I am not?  Can I just tell them I am not a criminal and they let me out?

What if I say that someone is a child abuser?  Does that make him or her so?  Shouldn’t they be jailed just because I say so.

Instead of looking for truth our world is running on feelings and wishes.  Bruce Jenner will never get pregnant and Rachel Donezal will never be black.    If the new and society focused on reality we would be far better off.   From a news standpoint some things that don’t fix the facts:

Telling everyone the economy is better.

Telling everyone that Obamacare is a success.

Telling everyone that our borders are secure.

Telling everyone that ISIS is losing.

Telling everyone that there is no crime in Benghazi, with the IRS, or the Clinton Foundation.

A lot of people fall for these lines until they run into the facts.  The media banks on blind acceptance of the lies as most of the people are too absorbed in electronics, TV, or drugs to care.  They can be herded.  When they wake up, will the media be held accountable.  1984 does not last forever.

One thought on “Because I Say So

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    This hits to the core of liberalism and its leftist poison that they consider best judged by the world of media or collective opinion and never truth.

    Sadly…the left cannot get it…only on truth can we base reality!

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