Killing America, by Killing Energy

According to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, a leading price reporting agency, battery-grade lithium carbonate (EXW China, ≥99.5% Li2CO3) was averaging a whopping $76,700 a tonne in mid-March. During the same month last year, the metal was trading at $13,400 a tonne.


For all the elites that believe they are saving the planet by buying an electric vehicle, they are living a lie and a lie that will ultimately destroy the prosperity this country enjoys. The energy cost of just getting the metals out of the ground for electric vehicles by far exceeds the savings in carbon emissions that driving the vehicle provides. Then so little of the electricity that fuels these vehicles come from renewables that charging them is using the fossil fuels that are so hated.

The Biden war on fossil fuels is expected to devaste households across this country as the cost of heating oil skyrockets. The current rolling blackouts in California and Nevada are clear indicators that the war on fossil fues is hurting Americans.

The elites in Washington, watch as citizens in Ghana and Sri Lanka starve following the same fossil fuel plan as they are implementing here. If those promoting the Green New Deal cared anything for the general welfare and prosperity of society then they would unleash fossil fuels not cripple them. Clearly these zealots, who know they are having zero impact on climate would rather destroy people lives than allow people to prosper. It is shameful.

It’s all for the greater good. Look around you, are people struggling to pay their bills, missing meals, losing jobs and suffering from high crime, is that the greater good. More people die of cold every year than heat, yet the approach to energy just means that even more people won’t be able to afford to heat their homes.

If you are promoting the destruction of fossil fuels, you are promoting starvation, and misery. I guess that is the elite view of the greater good. I would urge anyone who promotes this farce to look at the impact is has and to evaluate what is important. If you can about the greater good, even life itself, then rethinking the approach to fossil fuels is a good first step.

Or youi can step up and pay for those less fortunate to heat their homes this winter. Like that will happen.


How is it that our FBI, DOJ, and IRS have all been weaponized to go after political opponents. From normal people who have the FBI show up and accuse them of being at the capital on Jan 6th, when the FBI knows they were not there to others where the FBI has shown up without a warrent demanding firearms to which the FBI has no right.

Where are the defenders of the constitution? Where are all those FBI and DOJ officials that took an oath to defend the constitution? Where is the media who seem to relish creating story lines to villify half the country?

What is the end game if this unequal justice continues? In the end anyone who disagrees with the government in any way will be put to the flame. You only have to look to the capital trespassers who have been given years in jail for wandering onto the capital grounds. Who have been placed in solitary.

You only have to look at the DOJ going after lawyers communications with their clients, an protected part of speech since the founding of our country. Pretty soon, if unchecked, it won’t just be Trump supporters that are in the cross hairs, but anyone who complains about crime or inflation. It will be anyone that points out the obvious about the killing of our electric grid. Tyranny never stops, it just keeps finding more victims.

So, media is this what you want? Do you really think you are immune? FBI agents, where is your oath, apparently it means so little that even if you object you are unwilling to be heard. Why have not the true criminals from the past two years been proscecuted. The people that burned down cities, injured police, destroyed lives, and were never charged are still running free. The people that threaten the lives of Supreme Court justices are still running free. The looters, and criminals across this nation that are having a crime field day are still running free.

I used to have great respect for the media, the FBI and the DOJ. Now they are just tools of tyranny. It is sad that so few in their ranks are willing to uphold their oath.