Hands Up – Don’t Shoot Your Congressional Staff Looking Out for You

A whole host of Congressional Staffers held a protest today.  Even though each and every one of them knew that Michael Brown died while trying to kill a police officer, they held the protest any way.  They have a right to protest.  They have a right to express their honest beliefs.  They do not have the right to encourage nationwide violence in support of a known lie.  On that basis, I believe that every single one of them should be immediately terminated.

Their actions continue to promote the violence this country has seen over the past several months.  Based on a false story now proven to be incited by the American Communist Party, their actions are nothing short of an attempt to undermine the stability of our country.  Does it rise to to the level of treason?  I do not know.  Does it further endanger the police that are sworn to protect all US citizens?  Without a doubt it makes their job more difficult and dangerous.  For that reason alone they should be out of government.

Our congressional staff should be looking out for us.  The minute it is proven that they are not, they should all be terminated at a minimum.    Please contact your Congressman and Senators and ask they terminate any staff that participated in these activities.  It is no different than their yelling fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire.  It is a crime, not free speech.

Federal Government (Obama) Fuels Protests and Riots

As Al Sharpton calls for “Justice” in Ferguson, Obama is meeting again with so called civil rights leaders, and Lewis Farrakhan is threatening to tear the country apart.   The message to those that are rioting and destroying businesses and livelihoods is for them to continue their rampage.  Obama’s message to rioters to “stay the course”  was a clear signal providing cover for those that want to destroy America, particularly capitalism in America.

The Obama White House is planning memorials to Michael Brown, further using this event as a way to disrupt American society and prosperity.  This whole series of has nothing to do with Michael Brown who the evidence showed was a thug, a strong arm robber and who died while trying to kill a cop.  As sad as that is.  His behavior is what resulted in his death. This is the person the White House is glorifying.  This is the cause that the rioters are behind, a guy who died while trying to wrest a gun away from a police officer.

So now, we will have memorials to a thug in our schools.  We will celebrate robbing convenience stores and trying to harm police officers.  What is it going to take before someone steps up and arrests these people for what they are?  The looters and vandals are not protesters, they are opportunists that are stealing and destroying neighborhoods and property. Instead of encouraging them they ought to be incarcerated.  This is not the peaceful march of Dr. Martin Luther King.  It is the opposite. It is an attempt to foment revolution and the destruction of capitalism.  Encouragement from the White House is not support for equal rights, it is treason.

This does nothing to improve the lives of African Americans.  If anything it will reduce the presence of police officers in their communities and increase the wanton killing that already occurs in some of them. The images of violent African American protesters will make it harder for every African American to get a job or improve his or her life.  What is the image that most non-black Americans will have of the African American community as its “Leaders” like Sharpton and Farrakhan are calling for the destruction of America?

It is time the truth about these protesters and those behind them comes out.