Robin Williams A Different Perspective

Robin Williams was an incredible actor.  He was talented and capable at his craft as are millions of professionals in every walk of American life.  His death is a tragedy.  Yes, it is a tragedy that he is dead, but the fact is, his death will leave behind grieving family and people that will be impacted by his suicide for many years.  

His granddaughter, the one he tweeted about a couple of weeks ago will be messed up by Robin Williams suicide.  The harm to her is real and long term.  

The people left behind may have to deal with his burdens. They will have a life without him. The hurt and damage he caused by choosing to end his own life is not something that the media has been focused on.   Yet, that is the true impact of his suicide.  

I understand how personal demons can cause a completely self-focused, self-absorbed thought process that fails to consider others in the decision to commit suicide.  It is a thought process driven by desperation and one that loses the perspective of how others interact with you.  The only way someone commits suicide is by ignoring the feelings and personal devotions of the people that care about them.  They are willing to burn those people in the process of eliminating their own demons. 

Perhaps the view people used to take of suicide is more appropriate.  It is an escape at the cost of other peoples lives.   It used to be considered a selfish and self-focused act and was looked down upon.  It is a shame we have gone to glorifying an act which has such deep and lasting hurt for those left behind.



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