Solving Problems

According to Rush Limbaugh “Victory in Politics” solves problems.  From 2008 to 2010 the Democrats had that victory.  They controlled the Congress, the Senate and the Presidency. They passed a lot of laws, including Obamacare.  Since then they have had enough victory to hold on to the Senate and the Presidency.  Their changes remain the law of the land.

What problems were solved? The availability of healthcare with higher prices and deductibles has diminished.  Their victory made the problem worse.  Is the border safer? Is the problem of illegal  immigration better?  Do we have more full-time workers than we had in 2008?, Do we have less poverty? Do we have a safer world?  What about less division among the races?  

Victory only solves problems when that victory is associated with policies that actually and successfully address the issues at hand.  The current set of policies, and laws have driven this country into defeat on every front.  We are poorer, less respected, less successful, and less safe than at anytime in the past 30 years.  Victory is only worth while when those that win truly have the country’s welfare as their main objective.

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