End the Coup — Before the Death of Democracy

Over 300 bills have been passed by Congress to address a multitude of issues from problems with Obamacare to border Issues. The Senate (Harry Reid) has refused to bring these 300 bills up for a vote effectively stopping the Democratic process.  This lets the Democrats claim that Congress is not doing its job while providing personal cover for Democrats in the Senate who are scared to go on record with their views.  It also frees Obama up to rule by fiat and let’s him continue to make law with no checks or balances. 

From that standpoint, the Coup, the take over of the American government has already happened.  As Jeff Sessions said, Obama is a lawless President with no respect for the Constitution and he is being supported and shielded by Democrats in the Senate.  George Soros is spending millions to protect this coup in the mid-term elections. 

Whether it is the government spying on its own people, the purposeful creation of racial hatred, the creation of open borders, the destruction of our healthcare system, the suppression of groups that disagree with the government, the persecution of Christians, the destruction of the coal industry or the manipulation of the media the era of repressive, dictatorial and oppressive government has arrived. 

Unless the Senate returns to Republican control this midterm the process of destroying our economy and our country will continue.  The open border influx will continue to steal our taxes and take our jobs leaving more and more Americans in poverty. The decline of our healthcare system will be wrought with stories of death caused by the change in coverage.  The horrors of living in a dictatorship will be ever more apparent and it is quite possible that there will be no real election in 2016. 

If you plan on living in a Democracy the mid-term elections may be your last shot at preserving that Democracy.  It may be too late already.

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