The TSA is Now the New DEA and thinks its the FDA

Government it seems no longer needs to pretend there is a valid threat before subjecting passengers to a full on search. The TSA is now requiring passengers to tell the about the medications they are carrying.  Pardon me, but is my Plavix going to explode and bring a plane down to the ground. 

I can hear it now, “Excuse me sir, but you must declare your medications.  You are going to have to prove to us that you aren’t carrying Tamiflu.”  If you are you will be forbidden from flying since you apparently plan on getting the flu and killing the whole Eastern seaboard. 

In order for the nurse, who has had years of training to ask you about how you are feeling you have got to sign a bunch of forms giving her and the doctor permission to discuss your situation.  The TSA agent, often with about 8 weeks of thug training can now demand that you explain why you take anti-psychotic medicines.  It’s probably so that your don’t go postal when TSA people ask questions they have no right to ask.

But what about stopping illegal drugs you ask?  Yes, I always pack my 6 kilos of heroin in my luggage so it can go through the x-ray machine on the way to the plane.   Really, the criminals will just drive it from Mexico to Chicago.  No one will stop them there and they know it.  

Who gave the TSA the right to treat everyone as criminals?  How many planes have they protected? Terrorists will just walk through or under the fence surrounding the airports.  They won’t announce that is who they are.    When we all have to prove innocence rather that be found guilty we have moved into the realm of the totalitarian.  In case you wonder if that is really the case, a couple of years ago the TSA spent an hour digging out a 1 and a half inch multi-tool from the bottom of my bag and then confiscated it.  It was a tool of the devil.  I was planning on taking apart the plane with the pliers.

When are we going to stand up for the freedom this country was founded on.  You never know when someone will board a plane with 100’s of water pills and force all the passengers to have to pee at the same time.



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