Promises, Lies and Looters

Obama’s approach to governance is to take everything of value and destroy it.

If something makes a profit, tax it out of existence.

If something is shiny, scuff it up.

If it is gold, replace it with tin.

If it helps people, regulate it out of existence. 

If wealthy people do it, get rid of it.

Over the past 6 years Obama has promised economic prosperity, $2,500 less per year in health insurance costs, governmental transparency, that you could keep your doctor. Today, Breitbart tells us that real wages are down 23% in the past 6 years.   The middle class is paying more in taxes, (Not just the over $250,000 crowd.) but the $50,000 crowd and everyone else.  If Obama were Pinocchio his nose would extend to the moon an back 100 times. 

In St. Louis, civil protests over the unfortunate death on a young black man have resulted in riots and looting,   These people have a right to protest, and to ask if the shooting were justified. They can demand justice.  How is stealing and destroying going to bring the young man back.  Why isn’t every rioter in jail?  These are not protesters, they are thugs. 

Still the Obama administration does not promise to investigate the thugs, not in St. Louis, or Chicago, or anywhere else.  They immediately look at investigating the police.  It is just like the economic news,  The administration is presiding of a purposeful decline and to the extent they can the destruction of everything in this country that has value. 

Just like with the border.  If he does not like a thing he destroys it.    I don’t recognize this country as it is now.



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