Spin — and the Cure for A Country — Truth

The most brazen and audacious thing that anyone can do in America today is to speak the truth.  As long as the American people allow the ‘media’, that is news outlets, cable outlets, magazines, and even the internet to mold their opinions through selective reporting and commentary we are destined to continue to decline as a country and as a people.  Those who speak out are vilified, called vile names, shouted down and threatened.  Political interest, political power and our current leadership’s reason for being is exemplified by preserving the myths that protect their position.

Here are several examples of how the distortion of the truth is damaging each and every American.

The idea that global warming is some sort of immediate threat, along with the massive regulations against fracking, energy and coal have keep the US from becoming energy independent.  Never mind that for the last 17 years there has been no evidence of global warming and even some evidence of cooling.  The myth has fueled massive new taxes, government regulation and the centralization of government power while propping up tyrannical and dictatorial governments in the Middle East.   The oil money has fueled Assad and now ISIS along with 10,000s of terrorists when had we focused on our own development these groups would have much less power.  The Ukraine has been paralyzed because they have no other source of oil, so Russia is unopposed as it invades.  Jobs here have been diminished because we suppress the development of this resource.   

A booming economy is a bulwark against tyranny.  Our government only wants a controlled economy where it is the government that chooses the winners and losers.  Unfortunately,  most people in such an economy are losers as we have pretty well found out.  We should not kid ourselves, it is about power and control.  Letting the myth of global warming act as an excuse creates the atmosphere for an unabashed government power grab.  In spite of the evidence the contrary no one speaks up.  Those who do, even former advocates for the theory are shouted down and bullied.  Evidence of scientific measurements that are fudged is ignored, facts are ignored, because it is not facts that fuel the myth, it is power. 

While inner city blacks are dying in droves from black on black crime, and while black on white crime is a huge problem in this country, the media is up in arms about a young black guy killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo.  It is a tragedy, but statistically a death by a police officer of a suspect is very rare in this county.  This is not what the media would have everyone believe.  Michael Brown was seen stealing and being violent on video tape right before his encounter.  The officer that shot him was pummeled, his eye socket broken.  These are the facts.  The boy was seen acting like a thug, his last or next to his last act while alive was to beat on this officer.   How is being a thug and beating on the officer excusable.  Perhaps he did not deserve to die, but the old adage that those who live by the sword die by the sword might be in play here.  

Those that want to generate African American democratic votes this fall want you to believe that there is some racial motive here.  The whole story is a myth designed to manipulate the black community into voting democratic.    Why don’t those same people show up in Chicago every weekend where black youth continue to die?  Why are they not speaking out against the gangs, drugs and evil that is taking over our poorer neighborhoods?  If you are a thug and killing and harming folks you need to be in jail.  Those claiming race should be screaming to create economic opportunity and working to put these gangs out of business,  Instead those same people are promoting open borders and stealing opportunity from these same communities.

 It is about time that people see things as they are , not as they are manipulated to see them.  As long as the media pays no price for lying to us, and as long as people are willing to take what they are spoon fed, we will continue to suffer.  Growing up I heard about how journalists were so brave in the pursuit of the truth.  They have as a group become the willing lap dogs of those with political agendas.  They no longer investigate, they just regurgitate the cud they have been fed.  America is in decline as a result.  It is a sad,sad state of affairs.

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