Deeper Questions About Ferguson, Mo.

There is only one undisputed fact in Ferguson, Mo.  A police officer shot Michael Brown.

So, here are the questions:

Why have we not heard the police officer’s version of the story?

Did someone decide early on that this could be used for political hay?

Did the media block the officer’s story from coming out? 

Who has blocked the release of other information in this situation?

Is this event purposely being used to divide America?

Who paid for all these protesters to come into Ferguson?  Most are not from the city.

Why were so many people so upset about a video showing Michael Brown shoplifting and being a thug.

Why does the media seem to avoid any narrative that might exonerate the cop?

I do not know what happened here, but based on some of the testimony I think that Michael Brown was 

heading back toward the police officer and threatening him.  The first shots to his arm were meant to deter 

his forward progress.  When he Michael Brown continued to threaten he was killed.    

If that is the truth, why is it hidden?


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