Lest We Forget

Our media, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and ABC all failed to report on the destruction of Lois Lerner’s blackberry over the weekend.  This was big news,  the deliberate destruction of evidence regarding the persecution of conservative groups  prior to the last election.  It was news regarding the government violations of the law and the constitution. So why was this news not covered by the big news outlets?  There is no other explanation than that they are protecting the current administration and those that violate our constitution.  It is a shameful and truly shortsighted behavior.

The press has forgotten that it is the constitution that protects their existence.    Once the government gets full control of media outlets, how many media outlets will be allowed to continue?  If we look at the model that the largest previously communist country provides(USSR) , the answer is one.  One government controlled media outlet will be all that is left after the government reigns in what’s left of media diversity.  Right now, listening to MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS is no different to listening to any one of them.  Totalitarian governments can not tolerate any thought outside of the propaganda they wish to disseminate.

If as Americans you want to investigate all the places these outlets have failed you, take the time to learn more about:

The Open Border movement and uncontrolled alien influx from Mexico.

The Fast and Furious Scandal (Americans died with US government provided guns.

Sargent Tahmooressi who remains languishing in a Mexican jail while Jihadists are set in exchange for for a deserter.

IRS Scandal.

The eugenics movement and how this is helped through planned parenthood.

Changing laws without the authority or approval from Congress required by the Constitution.

The loss of Iraq, the Crimea, now the Ukraine since we have removed out influence.

The distrust and disrespect of our allies.

The take over of territory by China.

Uninhibited, lawless spying on citizens, allies, companies, and congressional offices.

The truth about who Michael Brown was and about the Mo. incident.

The government that does not respect the constitution will not forever tolerate any diversity in media outlets.  The failure of our media to consistently report the truth will result in their demise.  Why have multiple outlets to report the same thing when one is easier to control?  Why provide any chance for the public to get the truth?  Totalitarian governments, and no doubt we are heading that way, always behave the same way.

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