Why is the United States not Energy Independent?

The United States is one of the richest oil and natural gas producing countries in the world with more than enough resources to be completely energy independent. Why then has the government selected a host of policies that drive our energy costs up and prop up foreign energy producers? More than any other single factor, the rise in energy costs are driving inflation and the impoverishment of the average American.

If you ever wonder whether your government is looking out for you, all you have to do is examine energy policy and its impact on your wallet.

Let’s start with the obvious. Just one of many firms lobbying Congress on behalf of Saudi Arabia is Qorvis which has been paid over $60.3 million since 2001. Instead of pursuing fracking, off shore drilling and natural gas exploration Congress has chosen to create policies that protect the Saudi export price. We pay for that choice. We pay for that whether it is Iraq, or Kuwait or any other oil lobby country. Our energy policy is bought and paid for by foreign interests.

Further, a second group driving up our prices is the environmentalists. The push for policies to stem the tide of a non-existent global warming crisis is a push designed to keep energy prices artificially high and to keep American energy out of the market. (Did you hear of this years record Antarctican Sea ice.) How much foreign capital goes to pay for environmental lobbies is a good question. I bet its overwhelming.

It is environmental concerns that have kept fracking out of NY and kept the Keystone pipeline from being built even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the environmental impact is minimal. Those taking money,campaign or otherwise from these foreign groups are interested in their own profit, not the welfare of the country. Foreign lobbies should be outlawed. They have no interest in our welfare. It is time to elect people that care more about the United States than global welfare and their own pockets. Energy policy demonstrates corruption at its purest.

We could have $1.00 per gallon gas and an economy that booms more than any other, if only we could use the resources God us without interference by traitors and foreign interests. Think about this the next time you fill up.

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