Calling Power Company Racist Gives Utility Customers Free Ride

Ok, I admit that the above headline is not true, but.. it may be true for the Water Authority in Detroit where the Water Authority’s threat to cut off water to people that don’t pay their bills is being called racist by the NAACP.  Perhaps taking on the thinking of the NAACP in this instance is not a good idea, but perhaps my confusion can be cleared up.    Isn’t the NAACP supposed to promote the advancement of colored people?   How is calling those that wish to collect on unpaid bills ‘racist’ promoting advancement?

The message the NAACP is sending is that if you are a minority, it is OK for you not to pay your bills.  We, the NAACP will help you keep your water flowing even though you have not paid your water bill.   Instead of saying, “You need to find another job, position or source of income so that you can pay your bill”, we are going to promote further handouts to you.  Does the NAACP believe that the people they are defending are not capable of supporting themselves?  The message the NAACP is sending is that these people are helpless unless given a hand out. The NAACP is encouraging minorities to be irresponsible and dependent.  How is that helpful to them. 

Whatever happened to giving people a hand up, instead of a hand out?  Somehow, the NAACP has forgotten the difference.   It creates a view of African Americans as incapable of taking care of themselves, not only in the non-minority community, but with African Americans themselves.  Why work, why be responsible if the NAACP can get you a handout.  Sooner or later the handouts will run out and a whole generation will be incapable of earning and doing for themselves.  It is a shame that the NAACP has no more depth and is willing to destroy its own beneficiaries for the advancement of the NAACP.  

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