Is it Treason?

We have by far exceeded the time when impeachment was an appropriate remedy for the executive overreach that characterizes the current regime.  Anyone that gives aid, and comfort to the enemy could be considered a traitor.  If someone literally arms the enemies of a nation is that treason?  I would argue that it is indeed treason and I will lay out the facts for you to decide.

Gitmo Detainees Being Released  is one of the headlines in today’s news.  This follows on the heals of the release 5 high value terrorists in exchange for the deserter Sgt. Bergdahl.  There is little doubt that these 5 will return after a year at most to committing acts of terror against the United States.  They are all veterans of jihad against the US.  Their release will ultimately kill American’s when in reality they should be held in a military jail.

These two events are most recent items, however, soon after the start of the Obama regime his justice department sold guns on purpose to Mexican cartels.   I would argue that the plan was for those guns to kill Americans so the the regime could put forth their anti-gun agenda.  A border patrol agent died as a result of that plan.

Further, as part of policy, the regime continues to fund Hamas through the Palestinian Authority. At least one American has been killed in the past year by Hamas.  If I give you money to buy a gun after you tell me you are going to kill a bunch of people, am I not a conspirator in murder after you kill someone.  When it is the President and the terrorists are killing Americans is that treason?

Some other examples would include Pakistan where we gave billions while they hid Osama Bin Laden.  We give millions to  Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala but they continue to flood our country with their citizens putting us at risk.  Of course there are terrorists coming across the border.  Our millions are paying for those terrorists to come here, along with assorted gang and cartel members.

The President has purposely failed to seal the border.  He could.  With the National Guard and a fence it could be fully secured in months.  It is his responsibility under the law.  Failure to do so puts Americans at physical risk. One of the immigrants the border control released killed an American last week.

That is the President’s fault.  Had they deported the guy as the law requires the American would be alive.  All in all the President has made choices that endanger us all.  It has and continues to result in the death of Americans.  You can decide if it is treason.




Is It on Purpose?

I promise to not to be brazenly trite after this opening statement, but truth sometimes trumps the effort to avoid cliches. You can judge a man by his actions, and or in Obama’s case, his inactions.

I would argue that the destruction of our healthcare system, the influx at the border, the evisceration of our military, the failure of our economy, our diminished power and prestige abroad, the increased threat to our allies around the world and the imminent acquisition by Iran of a nuclear weapon are all the direct consequence of Obama’s purposeful policies. Obama is a “Worldist”, someone who believes every country should have the same resources and advantages as every other country no matter their intent, political system or religion. Closely allied with this view is the failure to recognize individual effort (individualism) and support for open borders. As have others who have believed that people must be ruled by the state, Obama also believes that the end justifies the means.

Let’s start with some examples. The attack on the Embassy in Benghazi, Libya in 2011 has been analyzed in great depth.  That government put out the story about it being caused by a completely unrelated video when they knew otherwise was political. But what of the question, why did we not send in people to rescue them?  By all accounts we could have done that. Obama wanted to avoid that, not just because it did not fit his political narrative, but even more so, because a successful rescue would have broadcast to the world our amazing capability, causing our enemies to fear us and increasing the perception that we were indeed a super power. So, instead of America looking strong and projecting American exceptionalism, he was willing to let Americans die. He does not want us to look better, stronger or safer than anyone else.

He uses regulation and a direct attack on our energy sector to drive up energy prices. He claims it is about global warming but our portion of the world’s global warming, if there is such a thing,  is minuscule compared to China and India. It is really a way to put the brakes on the US economy and direct funds into areas that the government wants to invest in. Controlling energy controls money, props up the Arab Oil producers and keeps the U.S. as dependent. Stopping the American engine so we look helpless like everyone else is his goal.  Helpless creates the need for big government.  Prosperity is the antithesis to big government and it screams freedom.

Control is a big theme in Obama’s economy. No matter the devastation of Obamacare or the failure of the stimulus companies, he believes government should control all of the economy.   To Obama and his idealogs killing a few sick people, veterans,  people with private insurance, or people that might disagree with them is a natural part of the process.  Every big government approach in history has taken for granted that people die in order to bring about the greater good.  Stalin killed his opponents,  the intellectuals, and anyone who disagreed with his vision.  Then the  vision killed millions.

The influx on the border has been orchestrated.  There was supposed to be a fence and a border patrol that turned people away or deterred entrance.  Yes, with stroke of a pen he has broadcast that we will not turn people away and he has actively orchestrated in influx.  It is all part of the same plan, to destroy America, to overwhelm its resources, and to create a call to big government.  His desire is to get that call loud enough to eliminate the democratic system altogether.

The debt, paying people not to work, reducing American productivity to new lows by making it unrewarding to work is also reshaping our country.  The greater the dependence on government, the less chance society will return to a more independent, free and prosperous realm.  Again, it centers on centralizing power in Washington and creating the command economy of the USSR.

Those that do not realize that this is on purpose do not give him and those behind him enough credit.    They mean to abolish the constitution and all freedom except for those freedoms that they allow.  The net result will be more VA’s, more death, more poverty, more terror, Israel under siege , Iran with a nuclear weapon, or a bunch of nuclear weapons.  This is the fair and wonderful world envisioned by our President.  In the past this was called treason.  How it became progressivism is still a mystery.

Abortion… Education.. Freedom

I do not understand why African-Americans are not furious about the abortion statistics in the State of Mississippi.  With only 37% of the population as African-American, 72% of the abortions are of African-American babies.  How is it that this population is being culled and no one speaks up.    During the 15 years between 1995 and 2010 over 39,000 abortions of African-America babies took place in Mississippi.  (Today the carnage continues even though in much of Mississippi there are no abortion clinics so pregnant women are going to Alabama and Louisiana)    How many successful, happy and productive members of society will not be there to support communities in Mississippi because of this?  Is this why so many in Mississippi live in poverty?

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was clear in her writings that her goal was to cull what she felt were undesirable genetic traits.  She personally believed that African-Americans were inferior.  Her quotes bear this out.    Even though some texts try to put a soft touch on this, some of the things she said could be interpreted as her wanting to eliminate “Black People”.   She known for her rabid eugenicist’s views.    No matter how you view the modern planned parenthood, it is clear from the results that Ms. Sanger’s views are being implemented in Mississippi.  Look at the placement of Planned Parenthood clinics.  In what neighborhoods are they most prevalent? The facts are irrefutable.  A whole generation of African-Americans does not exist it the State.  Although advertised as preventing unwanted babies, and a way to promote economic freedom, the result in Mississippi is more poverty than in almost any other state.

According the Annie E Casey Foundation 23.5 percent of the population lives in poverty and the median household income in Mississippi is just over $20,000.  The mantra from the pro-abortion folk has been that abortion increases woman’s freedom, makes it possible for her to get an education and keeps her from being held back by the burden of having a child.  Looking at Mississippi, which is just a mirror of the change happening across America, would anyone conclude that the promotion of abortion is improving the lives of anyone in Mississippi.

What about the argument that more women are gaining access to education because of abortion?  It is true that the percent of Mississippians with college degrees has gone up in the years from 1995 to 2006.  At that point only 18 percent of the population had a college degree.  The result is paltry and the education promoted in not leading to more stable lives and lifestyles.

It seems to me, that if I saw my community being whittled away by the encouragement of abortion, I would step up and say that this approach to our young women is not working.  They are not enjoying stable, prosperous family lives.  Their economic opportunity is not exploding into something that resembles success.  Their children are not growing up and adding to stable families and extended families. I would look at the message that killing babies is good for the community and I would look at the facts.  If the two do not match, change the message.

Planned Parenthood and much of the government today does not promote stable families.  Stable families destroy poverty and the abortion industry. They are not dependent on government and are less influenced by those in power.  They support their members getting an education and their members as they work their way toward prosperity.   True freedom comes from economic success.  Abortion does not provide that, it provides the opposite.  It drags the whole community into long term poverty.

Unpopular Facts – Cheese and Freedom

Years ago when my puppy was still a puppy he would escape out the front door or slip out under the fence.   I would have to chase him through the neighborhood with the hope of wrangling him back into the house.  So there I was, old and slow while he was young and on four legs.  No matter how much I called his name he sensed freedom.  He would stop, look at me, then head on his merry way.  We would resort to waiving a piece of American cheese to entice him near enough so that he could be captured.   After a while he caught on to that and even cheese would not wrangle him back into the house. The call of freedom was greater than the slice of cheese.  Ten years later,  after all this time being told that he is to stay within his territory, it takes a lot of effort to get him to cross even out the front door.    Over time and repetition he has learned what is expected of him.  Pavlov accomplished the same thing with his dogs.  He produced a conditioned response in them through food and repetition.  They lost their will toward freedom.  For a dog that is ok, but what about for an American?

The media in the United States has treated the majority of the American population just like we treat our pets.  By repeating stories with expected behavioral outcomes the media has trained much of the populace to not even recognize the truth when it is presented.    The mindless absorption of network news, TV talk shows, and custom storylines has been used to shape public opinion in ways that belie the truth.  Telling you that you have been manipulated is certainly not popular.  You may be the exception that not been manipulated by the barrage of media opinion, but I would suggest that even those who fully recognize the manipulation cannot completely escape it.  The effort to control your thought and behavior is constant and when coming from news organizations who profess the truth first, it’s disgraceful.

Much of today’s media view the populace as automatons, robotic sponges that will absorb the philosophy they espouse.  Often based on purposeful misrepresentation their goal is to herd the populace in ways that support their narrative.    One of the clearest examples of this is the concept of politically correct speech.  The idea that people should be able to state their opinions without a forceful backlash has faded significantly during my lifetime.  Now, stating an unpopular opinion is cause for vile backlashes and threats.    The media instead of holding up the first amendment is purposely participating in its destruction by reinforcing the idea that certain words are bad or that only idiots would believe in any form of creationism.  The truth of ideas and the value of their debate in society is squashed by a media that no longer supports the first amendment.  Limiting speech helps keep the populace in line and encourages them to support the media favored approach to government.

                Below is a partial list of ideas that the media is now pushing.  I hope it provides food for intellectual thought.

That man made global warming is a fact although the last 15 years has seen no such change in global temperature.

That a baby, even at 7 months is not really a life and to argue otherwise is to hate women.

That there is no connection between a stable family and a successful life.

That people have to have a government benefit to survive. (The inner cities have had these the longest.  What does that say?)

That dignity does not come from having a productive life.

That the government knows best to provide for your healthcare.

That NSA spying on peoples phone calls without an individual warrant is not a violation of the 4th Amendment.

That the constitution is an outdated document.

That fossil fuels are bad even though we live in one of the cleanest most prosperous countries. (Horse dung was bad.)

That everyone should have as much sex as possible just for fun.

That taxes fuel the economy. (More people out of work now than in 40 + years.)

That the rich are stealing from you.

That you are entitled to something for nothing. (Eventually those providing the something for nothing will stop providing it.)

That communist/socialist states are doing well. (Argentina is in revolt,  people in Cuba can’t get a car newer that 1960)

That people need big government.  (Smaller government produces far more prosperity—it is proven.)

That guns kill, not the people with the guns.  (There is a reason for the 2nd Amendment.)

The media and government are counting on our believing these and many other lies so we will hand our power and prosperity over to the helping hand of big brother.  Freedom is not free.  If we do not stand for truth and demand of the media that they start reporting things in an unbiased, agenda free way.  They, along with your government will steal both your freedom and prosperity.