Who does and who does not?

Four guys were sitting around the table at their Tuesday morning weekly bible study. The restaurant had the news playing in the background. A story caught their attention. A Pelham man had died leaving a widow and three kids. What should we do asked one man?

The first man said,”We need to pray for that family.”
The second guy said,”No, prayer is not enough. I will fast all day tomorrow and pray for them.”
The third man said,”I will fast, and pray. I will even go to their house to pray with them”
The fourth, the man that asked the question when the others looked at him, said,”I am concerned for them, but I am not sure what I would do.”

Immediately after breakfast the fourth man, who had few resources of his own started calling his friends. By that afternoon he had collected several $1000s of dollars in cash and a truck load of food.

When he dropped by the house of the widow that night she could feel the love of Christ in the offering. He was the hands and feat of the Savior that day. Indeed faith without works is dead. Prayer without the faith to do is also less than is asked of us.

Are you a doer? Are the leaders we put our faith in Doers?

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