Oh, America What Have You Forgotten?

A US History that is no longer taught is filled with ideals.  It is filled with Americans tossing aside the shackles on oppression usually at great risk and with often with blood.  That very thing formed the foundation of the true America, the America of dreams, heroes and extraordinary souls.  It’s the America where freedom reigns.  Getting to freedom has always required a mortal commitment.

Henry David Thoreau said, “Government is best which governs not at all and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.”

Escaping religious persecution the Pilgrims left England to form colonies in the US. The pursuit of freedom laid the basis for some of our first settlers.  As oppression came from England, the founding fathers, and specifically Patrick Henry stood up and said, “Give me liberty or give me death.”    

The revolutionary war, the war of 1812, the fight of the abolitionists (Thoreau was one of them.) and the Civil War were all wars fought for liberty.  People that believed slaves should be freed stood up and tore this country in two for that ideal.  The first World War and the Second World War were also about stopping unrestrained conquest and enslavement.  We Americans have been people to stand up for liberty and freedom throughout our history.  

Such ideals are not safe.  They cost lives, and they are risky. Preserving freedom is bloody business.  Without those ideals France would not be free and Eastern Europe would still be under the yoke of the old Soviet Union.  We should celebrate that about ourselves, that we are a beacon of freedom in a world of tyrants.  It can be said that we will stand up for the oppressed, here and at abroad, that we have real heroes in our midst and that we can impact the world for good.

Perhaps it is time to realize the America we should be, the America of ideals, the America that will not tolerate internal war zones like Chicago where gangs that oppress are eradicated, the America that has borders and remains the beacon for people to come here for a new life, not a dumping ground for the world,s poor, the America that gives more to the poor across the world than any other country, the America that understands that strength deters bad people, the America that fights for freedom around the world, the America that understands the difference between our friends and our enemies, and the America that chooses to let men (and women) govern themselves without the oppressive had of government to guide them.



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