How Enlightened Is Our Media? Let’s Consider.

ABC, NBC, CBC, CNN, and MSNBC  have not reported on the Christian Holocaust in Iraq any significant way.  Over a million Christians have been displaced or murdered.  ISIS is painting the letter “N” for “Nazarene”  on the front doors of the remaining Christian’s homes.  Does that remind anyone of how Jewish Homes were identified during World War II?  

Why do the main news outlets give so little coverage to this?  All I found were short blurbs which did not detail the real extent of this horror.  Are they covering for Obama whose policies have led to the fall of most of Iraq?  Are they covering for his inaction in Syria which has left ISIS untouched by any real resistance?  At what point will they wake up?  If these extremist are killing Christian’s how do you think Jews or Atheists will fair?  Does the media not care about Iraq and its fall? 

Letting ISIS, whose brutality and stated intent is no different than that of the Nazis, to kill all those who are not believers in Allah,  continue to consolidate territory makes no sense.  Not reporting the truth in detail and hiding it to protect the President puts not just Americans but every non-Muslim at risk.

When will the media call attention to this holocaust?  Once Turkey is overrun will they pay attention?  What about after Greece and Spain?  Can these countries be overrun without our taking steps to stop them?   ISIS is a group who intend to destroy Christians, Jews and anyone else that does not believe as they do. Yet our media shows no outrage against this religiocide.

Do the offices of CNN and NBC have to be taken over and their people slaughtered by ISIS before they pay attention?  It is a shame that the media and our government feel that it is OK to let evil reign unopposed throughout the world.  It is even sadder that the motivation for letting evil remain is ideological and political.  Perhaps when the sword looms over their heads they will figure out that evil does exist.



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