Abortion… Education.. Freedom

I do not understand why African-Americans are not furious about the abortion statistics in the State of Mississippi.  With only 37% of the population as African-American, 72% of the abortions are of African-American babies.  How is it that this population is being culled and no one speaks up.    During the 15 years between 1995 and 2010 over 39,000 abortions of African-America babies took place in Mississippi.  (Today the carnage continues even though in much of Mississippi there are no abortion clinics so pregnant women are going to Alabama and Louisiana)    How many successful, happy and productive members of society will not be there to support communities in Mississippi because of this?  Is this why so many in Mississippi live in poverty?

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was clear in her writings that her goal was to cull what she felt were undesirable genetic traits.  She personally believed that African-Americans were inferior.  Her quotes bear this out.    Even though some texts try to put a soft touch on this, some of the things she said could be interpreted as her wanting to eliminate “Black People”.   She known for her rabid eugenicist’s views.    No matter how you view the modern planned parenthood, it is clear from the results that Ms. Sanger’s views are being implemented in Mississippi.  Look at the placement of Planned Parenthood clinics.  In what neighborhoods are they most prevalent? The facts are irrefutable.  A whole generation of African-Americans does not exist it the State.  Although advertised as preventing unwanted babies, and a way to promote economic freedom, the result in Mississippi is more poverty than in almost any other state.

According the Annie E Casey Foundation 23.5 percent of the population lives in poverty and the median household income in Mississippi is just over $20,000.  The mantra from the pro-abortion folk has been that abortion increases woman’s freedom, makes it possible for her to get an education and keeps her from being held back by the burden of having a child.  Looking at Mississippi, which is just a mirror of the change happening across America, would anyone conclude that the promotion of abortion is improving the lives of anyone in Mississippi.

What about the argument that more women are gaining access to education because of abortion?  It is true that the percent of Mississippians with college degrees has gone up in the years from 1995 to 2006.  At that point only 18 percent of the population had a college degree.  The result is paltry and the education promoted in not leading to more stable lives and lifestyles.

It seems to me, that if I saw my community being whittled away by the encouragement of abortion, I would step up and say that this approach to our young women is not working.  They are not enjoying stable, prosperous family lives.  Their economic opportunity is not exploding into something that resembles success.  Their children are not growing up and adding to stable families and extended families. I would look at the message that killing babies is good for the community and I would look at the facts.  If the two do not match, change the message.

Planned Parenthood and much of the government today does not promote stable families.  Stable families destroy poverty and the abortion industry. They are not dependent on government and are less influenced by those in power.  They support their members getting an education and their members as they work their way toward prosperity.   True freedom comes from economic success.  Abortion does not provide that, it provides the opposite.  It drags the whole community into long term poverty.

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