Unseen Forces Trying to Tear Apart The United States

On the front page of the Communist Party USA  website there is the following falsehood and quote:

“Every day, Black residents of Ferguson and Missouri face possible abuse and death at the hands of an officer due to discriminatory…”

In addition, according to Fox news, in Ferguson after the riots, flyers from the Communist Party were found encouraging rioters and protesters.    The fact that the officer in Ferguson was defending himself against a thug who had just committed a strong arm robbery in a convenience store is completely ignored.  The riots, based strictly on news propaganda and falsehoods have resulted in gun shots and businesses burned to the ground.

Not only is the Communist Party of the United States well represented among the rioters but the New Black Panthers have also been promoters of the riots and associated violence.  These groups are leading masses of students and poorly educated rabble to believe that there is some conspiracy to harm black people in America.  The truth is far more sinister and sad. These rioters have been manipulated so that these groups can promote their own agenda,  destroying the fabric of capitalism.  The very thing that has created such prosperity in this country is the thing they want destroyed.  It is a philosophy that believes that if one person has more, that person should be destroyed and the fruits of his labor taken from him.

When Barrack Obama told the protesters to “Stay the course.”  he was clearly sending the message that he sides with those that want to tear the fabric of this country apart.    These riots were and continue to be planned, encouraged and supported by the federal government.  They are a threat to democracy.  Their timing also helps hide the recent unconstitutional step the President has taken to allow illegal immigrants work permits in violation of the law.

The masses of people protesting blindly absorb the information they are being fed by the networks and media.  Fueled by that and the undercurrent of communist rhetoric they follow into the streets with some idea that their protests will result in a better life for themselves.

The reality  is that the protests will result in less policing in the black community.  The killers and thugs that roam many of the inner cities now will be given free reign and more black on black crime will result.  Fewer businesses will locate in black communities further impoverishing them.  From the standpoint of the Communist Party that creates  more strife with which to encourage more violence and social destruction.   These communities are being spoon fed to be the fodder for a social revolution.  All they while they are getting poorer and more violent.  The result will be death and destruction of the very things that enable these communities to survive currently.

Poverty in America means power in every household, cell phones, indoor plumbing, free education, free food, and often free medical care.  As the riots continue and the ancillary results are seen, these things will also be destroyed.  The communist’s agenda always results in outhouses and poverty for everyone.  It is sad that so many are willing to follow as lambs to the slaughter to push a discredited philosophy of which they themselves are ignorant.

Every American needs to speak out against these forces.  The media, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CBS needs to stop being complicit in promoting this violence and held to account for their failure to report the truth.   Those responsible for looting and destruction need to be held accountable.  Those promoting violence need to be arrested and punished for the resulting violence.  The riots have been spreading even though the basis, (Than Michael Brown was targeted.) is a lie.  The power of being able to lead sheep through propaganda, a huge threat to democracy.

A Mambi-Pambi World View

Just over 100 years ago the assassination of Arch-Duke Ferdinand of Austria started WWI.   Think of it, killing just one person started that war.    Yet today, Americans are beheaded publicly and we do next to nothing to indicate this is not acceptable.   In ‘less civilized times’ if you killed one person in a family, the that family would kill all the members of the other family.  It was a huge deterrent.    We have nuclear bombs and a whole range of serious Islamic Extremist annihilation weapons.  Somehow our government has become too timid to use its might in pursuit of American security.  Those weapons might as well as be a tub of Parkay saying,  no we are not dangerous. Our government has become ‘civilized’.  Another word for this is ‘Mambi-Pambi’

We don’t call Islamic Terrorist, Islamic.  Are we afraid they might get mad and kill us if we call them by their true name.  Oh, they are already killing us.  Our refusal to recognize evil is resulting in more evil in the world and more dead Americans.    The religion of Islam is brutally cutting off the heads of Americans.  We just let them because according to those in power we are at fault.

It is all deluded mumbo jumbo.  Do Obama and his cronies want dead Americans?  They focus on the non-events claiming there is a war on women, a war on blacks,  and a war on immigrants while real war kills Americans and puts us all at risk.  They fail to close the borders so that terrorists have a free ride into this country.  While 137 homicidal Hispanics are released into the general population to kill again.

There used to a concept of being a man.  That meant not letting those who threaten to do you or your family harm remain a threat. Certainly, if they do you or your family harm, you send a message that deters future harm.  Our current approach to dealing with evil could be called the sissy approach. We have the sissy in chief.   One thing about the willingness and ability to completely destroy your enemy, it generally keeps them from causing you harm.  Telling them they were not nice and asking them not to do it again is Mambi-Pambi at best.   If we wipe ISIS off the map, it will be a long time before other Americans are beheaded.  That is the nature of toughness in a tough world.