Media Questions — Keystone Pipeline

Even major unions are calling Obama’s decision to delay the Keystone pipeline a spineless politically motivated decision.  It is a shame that not only on the Keystone pipeline but a whole host of ill advised energy policy decisions have occurred during the Obama administration and the media has given the administration a complete and inexcusable pass.  Let’s explore questions that should be asked. 

Keystone pipeline

Even after multiple environmental studies showing its safety how can the administration justify delaying this project?

Does the administration value its democratic donor(s) over putting Americans to work?

Doesn’t the delay in this project increase the possibility of an environmental disaster by rail or semi-tanker spill?

Why are the unions speaking out against the administration at this time?


How many green companies received money from the administration but have since failed?

How much money from those failures has been recovered from the democratic donors that got the funds?

Why is the government investing in companies who have not proven the ability to earn a profit in the open market?

Why has green money gone overseas to help non-American companies?

Why has the government purposely been trying to destroy the coal industry?

Is the government picking up the tab for the higher energy prices that their policies have caused?

What is the measure of human suffering higher gas prices have caused?

Since gas prices have more than doubled because of Obama’s policies what is he doing now to reverse that trend?

What percent of our energy needs is currently being met by fossil fuels?

If the government destroys fossil fuel output do they have an affordable in place technology?

If they don’t have an affordable technology why do they expect the American people to absorb the cost that is putting Americans at financial risk?

Why is the governments control of the energy sector more important than the lives or American citizens?

Does energy ideology supersede people’s welfare?

Hasn’t the failure of these energy companies pointed out the folly of government mandated energy policy?

With no evidence of global warming now for the last 15 years why is the government still pushing that as a reason to bankrupt the American people?

How many laws were violated in handing out green energy contracts?

What prosecutions has the attorney general started against the energy companies that cost the taxpayers billions of dollars?

Who gained from this billion dollar giveaway?

Why has the administration not been held accountable for this?

Where was the congressional over-site on all these failed company investments?



Global Warming – Absurdity — NYTimes — UN — Socialist

     After 17 years with no evidence of global warming the UN and the NY Times are telling us that global warming will cause human misery beyond anything ever seen.  It’s not like the trend has continued and the evidence is mounting up that global warming is posing an ever increasing threat.  No, just the opposite.   In the US we even experienced one of the harshest Winters in decades.  Even James Lovelock one of the original proponents of global warming has said it is not cause for panic.

      Why do the NY Times and the UN continue to declare global warming, earth’s number one threat?  (According to them, we are all going to die.)   Below are some thoughts on why this theory is being propounded.  Global warming …….

1.)  Provides government an excuse to tax industry and individuals for their use of energy.

2.)  Provides government an excuse with which to regulate or eliminate businesses they don’t like. (Coal)

3.)  Provides government an excuse to limit exploration of natural gas and oil. (That way we can give Ukraine to Putin)

4.)  Provides government an excuse to boost the economies of Mideast Arab countries. (Its happening.)

5.)  Provides government an excuse to monitor individual behavior. (tax mileage for example.)

6.)  Provides government with a ready made crisis to claim control of private functions. 

7.)  Lets government direct economic development funds to their friends.  (Green energy companies, GE)

8.)  Provides government an excuse to reduce the standard of living of the more prosperous among us.

9.)  Provides government an excuse to eliminate capitalism

10.)  Provides government with every increasing power.

Global warming has not occurred in the last 17 years.  Much of the data that went into the original theory was proven to have been doctored in order to achieve its final conclusions.  Should it be discredited, the government programs, FDA regulations, the controlling mechanisms that government has put in place in the name of protecting the environment are also discredited.  It becomes clear what those things are, an unlawful seizure of power by the government.  The US government is knee deep in this as are the European governments.  It is a shame that much of our media, the NY Times among them continue to reinforce this naked power grab.