What do ISIS, Gay Marriage, Ray Rice, and Justin Beiber Have in Common?

How is a writing desk like a raven?  No, I can’t answer that famed Lewis Carroll question, but I can tell you what ISIS, Gay Marriage and Justin Beiber have in common.  As a country we face unprecedented threats to our sovereignty, our prosperity, and to our very way of life. Nevertheless, the news consistently focuses on things that matter far less than the ultimate collapse of the United States.

On the southern border the flow of undocumented illegals, aliens, and invaders into our country continues and increases each day.   Aided by a willing and unconstitutional federal government  these children, adults, cartel members, gang members and future terrorists stream into the United States.  These people are sent to every corner of the US and the local communities are forced to absorb the costs in crime and education. Ultimately, the resources required will run out and whole communities will be destroyed by this influx.  Yet we hear nothing about the strains this process is putting on normal life.  Already schools are complaining that there are not enough resources.

ISIS beheaded two Americans.  It’s  a horror.  The inner city cultures across our country are wrought with gangs, black on black crime and death by the 1000’s each year.  More than in any war zone, and we are worried more about ISIS than what is happening right here. How does news about Justin Beiber smoking dope on an airplane trump news about the carnage in our cities?

Food costs have ballooned more in the past couple of years than in the decade before.  Real incomes are down. Poverty is at an all time high.  How is that barely reported while a huge effort goes into telling us which states don’t allow gay marriage.    Millions are suffering while the  news focuses on the subset of the 3% of the population that are gay and interested in marriage.

Our media plays some sort of magic trick while it hides the truth of the disintegration of American society by keeping the population’s focus away from what is important.  The millions living the experience know the truth. As the disintegration continues million more will know the truth.  Eventually there will be a backlash against those that lied to them for so many years.


Evolution – The Theory That Became a Religion

     It is not uncommon these days for those that do not believe in evolution and the big bang as the origin of all life to be called names, denigrated and treated as if they were troglodytes.  Nevertheless, even though I grew up on a steady diet of science and heard the preaching of evolution as the definitive origin of life from grade school through college I have big questions. 

    Starting with the big bang, scientists explain that the universe we know of came out of this big bang at the start of it all.  In order to postulate that the big bang happened and that they know how and why it happened they use the laws of gravity and physics.  At the moment of the big bang, when there was just some universe sized mass inside of a pea there would have been neither the laws of gravity nor the laws of physics.  So what were the origins of those laws?  If those laws were not formed, did time exist?  If time did not exist how are we measuring time? When did time actually start?  When did the laws of gravity and mass get created?  Who created them?

     Wait,…. Hold On.  I take back that last question.  Science can’t have a who or something more powerful than itself.  The laws must have been created by the people that discovered the laws.  So, they created the laws of physics and then used them to explain why they existed to discover them.  Yet, they can’t explain why the laws exist or why anything exists. They can’t even say how the laws actually came into being.  Pretty flawed theory.  (Yet no other option is allowed in the schools.)

   As to evolution, if I mix a bunch of random chemicals together the result is generally a smoothy not life.  The earth, in its hot violent stage would not have been hospitable enough  for random chemicals to come together sufficiently that single living cells could be created.  If you take a bunch of things and let them arrange themselves, without outside guidance they become more random.  This has been taught as entropy in physics for years.  The idea of life from stuff by chance goes completely against that law of physics..   

    Just some questions regarding evolution as an improved state of the species.

If we have been evolving for so long:

  • Why are there stupid people? Wouldn’t evolution have selected against them?
  • Gay and Lesbian people can’t have children.  Wouldn’t evolution have selected against them?
  • Mothers kill their unborn fetuses every day,   Wouldn’t evolution have selected against that urge?
  • Whether 7 feet tall or three feet talk.  Wouldn’t evolution have selected against one of them?
  • We are called homo erectus.  Where is the next human species?
  • If we evolved from apes why do the remaining apes not evolve?
  • Why do we still get the flu?

Interbreeding my explain small species variations in an isolated environment but non of these creatures shows signs of turning into a completely new species.  Even scientists explaining the pre-cambrian explosion are at a lost to explain the rate of observed change and the creation of new species.  I would argue that there is an unseen hand directing all these processes.  Science could never admit that.  What a shame.