Is Your I-Phone Safe

According to the FBI, they can hack an iPhone and get your data.  Other law enforcement agencies are asking the FBI to hack the iPhones for their cases as well.   It is quite possible that the FBI has put this out as a huge ruse, to stir doubt about the security of iPhones and to make criminals and everyone else worry about the  security of their data.  Are you worried yet?

Apple would not play nice with the FBI and unlock the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone for the FBI.  Since Apple would not create a back door to the operating system so the FBI could hack any phone, the FBI has told the world the iPhone is hackable and not secure. It could be revenge clear and simple.  Who thinks that under Obama our FBI is capable of seeking revenge on those who don’t bend to their will?   Our government is so much better than that, don’t you think.


Apple will now have to revamp the iPhone, just in case the FBI is telling the truth.  In the meantime I would suggest not keeping anything on your phone you don’t want the government to have, or anyone else to have either.  If the FBI can hack the iPhone, then it won’t be long before every hacker out there can do the same thing.

Perhaps we should return to using face to face meeting with no recording devices.




A Mambi-Pambi World View

Just over 100 years ago the assassination of Arch-Duke Ferdinand of Austria started WWI.   Think of it, killing just one person started that war.    Yet today, Americans are beheaded publicly and we do next to nothing to indicate this is not acceptable.   In ‘less civilized times’ if you killed one person in a family, the that family would kill all the members of the other family.  It was a huge deterrent.    We have nuclear bombs and a whole range of serious Islamic Extremist annihilation weapons.  Somehow our government has become too timid to use its might in pursuit of American security.  Those weapons might as well as be a tub of Parkay saying,  no we are not dangerous. Our government has become ‘civilized’.  Another word for this is ‘Mambi-Pambi’

We don’t call Islamic Terrorist, Islamic.  Are we afraid they might get mad and kill us if we call them by their true name.  Oh, they are already killing us.  Our refusal to recognize evil is resulting in more evil in the world and more dead Americans.    The religion of Islam is brutally cutting off the heads of Americans.  We just let them because according to those in power we are at fault.

It is all deluded mumbo jumbo.  Do Obama and his cronies want dead Americans?  They focus on the non-events claiming there is a war on women, a war on blacks,  and a war on immigrants while real war kills Americans and puts us all at risk.  They fail to close the borders so that terrorists have a free ride into this country.  While 137 homicidal Hispanics are released into the general population to kill again.

There used to a concept of being a man.  That meant not letting those who threaten to do you or your family harm remain a threat. Certainly, if they do you or your family harm, you send a message that deters future harm.  Our current approach to dealing with evil could be called the sissy approach. We have the sissy in chief.   One thing about the willingness and ability to completely destroy your enemy, it generally keeps them from causing you harm.  Telling them they were not nice and asking them not to do it again is Mambi-Pambi at best.   If we wipe ISIS off the map, it will be a long time before other Americans are beheaded.  That is the nature of toughness in a tough world.

John Kerry — Anti Semite, Narcissist, Egoist

Breitbart quoted John Kerry as he tried to walk back his negative statements about Israel.  

Let’s examine just one of his statements:

“I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone, particularly for partisan, political purposes, so I want to be crystal clear about what I believe and what I don’t believe,” Kerry said.

So what makes him so special that he won’t allow people to question his commitment? His own actions betray his lack of commitment to the survival of Israel.   

Why does he not call forcefully for the cessation of rockets coming into Israel by cutting off the funds the US gives to the Palestinians?

The US is helping to fund the terrorist acts against Israel by giving funds to the Palestinians, why does he not call for that to stop?

Yes, Mr. Kerry we do not believe you have the best interest of Israel at heart.  We have every right to question your commitment.  Are you familiar with the first amendment?  Do you plan to have those that call you a bigot and an Anti-Semite arrested?  You can accuse Israel of being something its not even as Israel takes tremendous extra risk by letting Palestinians come into the mainland to work even though many have promised the destruction of the Jewish state.  I dare to question you.  That is the thing about this country it allows for people to express their political beliefs.  

You could make false accusations against our military in Vietnam and get away with it.  People forget your treasonous actions.  What gives you the right to say we can’t question your commitment?  Your actions and statements speak loudly as to your true commitment.

If you had a commitment to the state of Israel you would long ago have cut off funds to the Palestinians and sent troops into Gaza to route out Hamas.  Instead, you support Hamas’ continued involvement with the Palestinian Authority and their call for the destruction of Israel. You and your boss have armed Al-Qaeda in Libya with the deaths of Americans as a result.  You all have supported the Muslim Brotherhood who also call for the destruction of Israel. You have let Iran stay within arms length of getting a nuclear weapon. Yes, we question your commitment to Israel’s security and survival.

Please read the Constitution.  It is not unclear on our right to say what we believe.  It has protected you over the years yet you do not value its contents.  It is not a list of suggestions.  It is the law of the land.  We have the right to question you.  I hope and pray the media does its job and asks you the hard questions. I hope they question your commitment to the security of Israel.  I hope they question your commitment to the security of the United States as well.