Congress — Rubber Stamp Stooges

     OK, today is a bit of a rant. Lois Lerner once again took the fifth amendment in front of Congress. It took about a year to get her back on the stand to do that. Everyone knows the IRS targeted conservative groups and that Ms. Lerner has information pertaining to that. Further, her bosses have information regarding that. The Republican Congress is so weak and ineffective that they can’t get the facts about who ordered  and orchestrated the political oppression of the Tea Party and other conservative groups. Government power is being used in a way no different than power is used in Russia and Congress can’t stand up and uncover the source of the abuse.  Its pathetic.

      Has Congress just given up? Are they part of the oppression happening to groups they don’t like? Do the Congressional Republicans support the oppression of the Tea Party? Once Government starts down the path of allowing any group to be singled out or persecuted it is not long until any group with a different view becomes the target. 

     How long until we have internment camps? In Germany it started with the Jews, then the Catholics, and then anyone who disagreed with the Nazi’s became a target for extermination. History is clear that the road to an oppressive state starts with allowing any group to be oppressed.

     Why does the media not pick up on this? Those that don’t just repeat party line will find their taxes audited, their homes bugged and their families followed. Charles Rosen was just the first example. If this oppression is not stopped now, government control and repression will extend to each person the government does not like. Democracy in the US will fail as democracy can’t survive without free will.

     So, why is Congress no more than a rubber stamp body? Why are they powerless to protect American citizens from the abuses of their government? All I have is questions and no good answer. Call your congress person and ask them why they can’t get to the bottom of this. If you think your life will be better letting our system be destroyed, look around the world at places that have no freedom. They are all poorer and life is much tougher. If that is what you want, don’t put pressure on congress.

3 thoughts on “Congress — Rubber Stamp Stooges

  1. OR… There aren’t any “facts”, because it’s a trumped-up charge by a kangaroo court, paraded before cameras solely for political gain in the next elections. If she was (or they were) sooo guilty, don’t you think a “real” court would be all over it? It’s not like anyone likes the IRS and would protect them.

    • With the release of the emails the evidence is coming out that she indeed targeted Tea Party groups. Who ordered it and specific motive are still sketchy but it is clear that it is a violation of the 14th amendment in a big way.

      • All the emails indicate is that they went after those particular tax evaders, not that they were the only groups, unequally or solely targeted.. There have been all kinds of PACS trying to illegally call themselves “Issue Groups”. They are the law breakers.

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