Blame CNN for Your Woes

When a news company (CNN) actively censors negative information about a candidate as they did in this case with Hillary Clinton or as they have done with Barrack Obama, then that same news company should take the blame when:

You lose your job because of bad trade deals.

A family member is mugged by an illegal alien.

The cost you pay for healthcare skyrockets and your doctor is not available.

Taxes prevent you from keeping your family in the house you bought.

Your child is forced to take a curriculum in school that you believe is immoral.

Terrorists kill people you know.

The value of your home plummets as the neighborhood is swarmed by refugees.

They are called the Clinton News Network for a reason.  Since they no longer act in the general interest of the public CNN should lose its license.   Censoring news to promote candidates, given the state of the economy and the results the current administration has wrought is clearly not a public service.  They should be put out of business.



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