How To Stop Terrorism

On this, the day 77 people or more died in France at the hand of a terrorist, neither France nor the United States are any closer to stopping either the lone terrorist or armed groups to terrorists.  Yet, if we truly learned from history almost all terrorism would be a thing of the past.  Instead of punishing those promoting terrorism we coddle countries and organizations that fund and supply terrorist organizations.   The failure of our leaders to recognize that Islamic terrorists are at war with us and are willing to do all that war entails leaves us continually vulnerable to more attacks.   We are at war, and should treat this as such.

If you think the measures below are harsh, the result will be thousands of lives saved and a world far safer and secure than the one that we currently live in.

First, instead of letting ISIS have a country and an appearance of success that motivates and encourages would be Islamic terrorists, ISIS must be annihilated.  If that means sending in troops and literally killing every member, not arresting,  not bombing a few, not avoiding killing their families,  not being ‘surgical, but wiping out every sympathizer of ISIS then no one will think that by supporting ISIS or killing others they are promoting a winning cause.  The idea that Islam is protected by Allah will take a huge blow.  That is what happened when they were stopped by Charles Mattel in France in 872 or much later in Spain as they tried to invade western Europe.  They were crushed and it stopped them.

Secondly,  the people funding Islamic terror, both the States and the individuals are equally responsible for every death Islamic terrorists causes.  The penalty for funding terror is death.   Whether you are a Saudi Royal or a member of CAIR (Council for Islamic Relations) that sentence needs to be carried out across the world without regard to families and collateral.  If your uncle, brother or sister is a terrorist and you choose not to turn them in you are a culpable.

In Japan, under the Samurai, a samurai that betrayed his lord was killed along with his whole family.  That way there was no one left to seek revenge.  It deterred further attempts.

Third, for every country that promotes terror, its rulers will have to be destroyed.  Nothing changes the illusion that God is on your side than defeat.  Defeat is the only thing that has held Islam back for the past 1100 years.

We may not be at war with a religion, but we are at war with those that follow the mandates of Islam.  These are people that want to wipe Israel off the map, to whom the beheadings and genocide of those that do not hold their beliefs is considered moral. The only way to stop those that would kill you with no compunction is for them to see that killing you has a cost they are not willing to pay.  It is the only thing that stopped Islam in the past.  Potential young terrorists will not look up to a defeated ISIS or decimated Islamic group.

We are at war. It is time for our leaders to recognize that and choose to win.  Otherwise the terrorists will win by attrition and many more good people will die during that process.

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