NAACP and the Church

It seems to me that churches ought to be about saving souls not about fomenting racial hatred.  Recently Cornell Brooks the president of the NAACP spoke at a St Paul, MN. Baptist church where he compared the killing of young African-American kids to lynchings in America.  Using his speech to rile up the audience he promotes a view of American law enforcement as bigoted and hateful.  This view is so far from the truth and one which puts the lives of both police officers and of his own community at risk.  Further, churches should be in the business of saving souls not promoting hate.

The promotion of the police are bigoted and hateful narrative has resulted in numerous killing of white police officers.  In Baltimore, where this view was promoted after the arrest of Freddie Gray officers are retiring.  They are more cautious in minority neighborhoods and the murder rate has gone up.  Comments made by Obama, the NAACP and Black Lives Matter have resulted in a hesitancy among the police to stop crime in situations where the perpetrators are minorities.

As this narrative continues the real casualty will be policing in minority communities.  Already in some cities there are 5 to 10 deaths each week.  These are mostly black on black crimes.  Every church, media outlet, newspaper that promotes that police are bigots and murderers is moving these police to further consider whether or not to fully police minority neighborhoods.  This is already causing an increase in minority deaths.

This is the statistic:

In 2012, white males were 38 percent of the population and committed 4,582 murders. That same year, black males were just 6.6 percent of the population but committed a staggering 5,531 murders.

Just think as cops are vilified how many more minority individuals will die.  Churches that promote this idea through the NAACP are not concerned with promoting the love of Christ only the love of strife.  Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago were Obama attended was one such church literally preaching hate from the pulpit.

The violence, murder and looting  by Black Lives Matter will taint all minorities.  That will become their reputation.  Those supporting this movement may want to think about the brush it paints on all minorities.

The result is a country far more polarized by race than it has been in the last twenty years.  The NAACP, Obama,churches that give a voice to hate, CBS, NBC, and ABC whose stories lie about what happened in many of these cases, are all complicit in this.   They are responsible for driving a wedge between races and they are responsible for the increased deaths in minority communities.

I am wondering if those who have a public responsibility will ever step up and promote peace.  Certainly churches should be about that business.  It is a sad day when churches promote hate and not the saving of souls.

Michael Brown in Ferguson tried to kill the cop.  He died after robbing a convenience store, strong arming that store’s owner the attempting to kill the officer.  That is the lie Black Lives Matter is based on.  There was no hands up, don’t shoot.  If a thug is trying to kill you, do you want the police to refuse to use lethal force at the cost of their lives or yours?  Baltimore saw what happened when the police backed off one day.  That is what these activists want for your neighborhood.  They have proven that they want that destruction no matter what neighborhood, white or black.  Perhaps people should truly stand up for peace.


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