Hillary – the Next Stalinette

The constitution of the USSR promised freedom of religion, the right to work,  rest and leisure, health protection, care in old age and sickness, housing, education, and cultural benefits.  It also acknowledged the premier place of the Communist Party while providing for universal suffrage.

The implementation of that constitution provided for the ruling class to live off of the poverty, struggle and death of those who were forced to relocate and work for sub-standard wages.  Millions died under Stalin.  Churches were closed or torn down and the oppression that started with Lenin continued until the people rose up and torn down the communist party.  It took 50 plus years of oppression.

The Constitution of the United States of America promises freedom.  Here instead of communists, we can now say democrats.  Hillary and the democrats are free from the restrictions of the US Constitution.  They are the new communists and they have the same respect for our constitution that Stalin had for his constitution.  The rule of law need not apply.  The democrats are the new elite raping those that are working and generating wealth for their own benefit.  Hillary has become the poster woman for the elite takeover of this once great democratic republic.


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