Protecting America

If the Obama administration had spent half as much on stopping terrorists as they have in promoting gun control then the 49 people who died in Orlando would still be alive.  The guy was on the FBI’s radar.  Hillary’s State department stopped the FBI from investigating the terrorist’s mosque.  It is clearly not a gun control issue.  There are plenty of laws that would have arrested the guy for associating with terrorists.  There was lots of evidence. So to deflect the true blame for the Orlando carnage the Obama administration is putting out that this guy’s motive is unknown.

THAT IS COMPLETE GUFF and CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The guy said he was inspired by ISIS.  His parents thought gays should be put to death.  It is no mystery.  He was inspired by radical Islamic philosophy.  What kind of idiot thinks that is a question?  The Obama administration is deflecting its own blame for letting US citizens get slaughtered.  The same was true in what they knew at Fort Hood and San Beridino.   There is a pattern here!!!  The media has to see it, but they cover it up by claiming they do not know the motive.  What a shame and a crime!!!

By pushing gun control they are taking the focus off of finding terrorists.  If a person is a Muslim and talks about killing gays or Americans, he or she is a terrorist inspired by Islamic philosophy.  It is a philosophy that specifically ok’s killing infidels, brutalizing women and beheading gays. It is not a mystery.

If you know your history, Charles Martel stopped the outward push of Islam in 872 AD.  Muslims wanted to take over the west even then, by force.  Had weapons been banned in France all the Christians would have been killed then.  It is not about gun control.  That is a deflection and a political agenda for those that want unrestricted power in this country.

This open borders policy is killing American’s.  It is nothing less than treason. Whether it is the 100,000’s of crimes by illegal immigrants, deaths caused by released terrorists, or the FBI backing off because a suspect is a Muslim, each of these things is a treasonous act that puts Americans at risk.  If blame is to be had, the Obama administration and Hillary specifically are directly to blame for these deaths.  They are throwing the smoke screen up in hopes that no will notice the truth.

Middle east refugees continue to pour into this country. They are not vetted.  Some are terrorists. Most believe in killing gays and Christians.  If I were a member of the LGBT community I would be outraged.  What good is the right to marry if the government lets people that kill gays enter into this country wholesale.  That is being married but dead.  I am completed amazed that this government’s crimes against its own people are not stopped and prosecuted.  It pretty much speaks to both a level of corruption in government and the media that has not been seen in history.







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