Death Panels – Who is Next?

Even with massive deductibles almost half of the Obamacare exchanges have failed.  As United Health Care has reported almost a billion dollars of loss in the last two years, they are pulling out of most states next year.  Add this information to the already plentiful signs that Obamacare is imploding and you have a picture that represents the future of government run healthcare in the U.S.

There are two fixes.   Return the majority of healthcare services to the private sector without the expanded bankrupting provisions of Obamacare, or continue to let the government manage healthcare services.

Given how the poor have been actually cared for under Obamacare ($5000 deductible) we have added huge financial burdens they would not have had under the prior system.  Many had low deductible health insurance that got destroyed by government intervention.  Even ER visits which were never collected on are now managed by the government.   The picture of continued government run healthcare looks like this:

Massive shortages of medications.

Cut off of care for the elderly as they are not considered “contributing” members of society.

Limits on cancer care.

Reduced research and development.

More death people, sooner.

Who decides?

Like the IRS scandal.  The government will target its enemies to withhold care.  Already a microcosm of this occurs with the VA care.  Those who speak up may never see someone. What do you think those waiting lists really were.  The government, with well meaning policies has destroyed healthcare in this country.  The suffering will increase each year if the government is allowed to continue to control the 6th of the American economy.

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