The Fantasy of Liberal Arts Education

Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama and the vast majority of their closest advisers are all products of liberal arts education.  So, as Americans die from preventable Islamic Jihadi terrorist attacks and even more preventable assaults by illegal alien criminals (85,000) that the administration has released you can take comfort that our government officials are just blindly following what they have been taught in school.

Here are some of those teachings.

Muslims hate us, gays and women because we have mistreated them.  If we just show them understanding the “True Muslims” will show the ones that hate us the error of their ways and they will come to peace through understanding.  (The Koran, sharia or even their attempts to kill us do not matter, evidence that their hate is fueled by religion can be ignored because its their poverty that made them that way.)

Everyone in the world ought to have the same opportunities as Americans have so that if we open our borders and give away the wealth we will all benefit. (Economics and facts again do not matter.)

People need to be told what to do for their own good.  (Force is justified.) 

That given the right system everyone would work for the good of the collective and when they do not the government will take for the good of those the government wants to benefit.  Communism only fails as it is not done correctly.  (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Castro just did not do it correctly.) The students that day will be the ones to make it right.  Forget history. Forget facts.

Liberal arts schools, places paid for by endowments and the wallets of the wealthy teach this stuff to generation after generation.  Few professors have ever lived in the world where people competed for jobs on performance (after tenure) , where businesses survived on profit and lost or where slave labor in their idealistic countries produced the IPhone, or lead toy that is in their household.  They see only the top students so the mass of people that are willing to just live on handouts do not exist for them.  The criminals are mistreated not evil.  The drug dealers just don’t have opportunity. People like Putin, Pol Pot, Hitler, or Stalin were footnotes not reality.  Force is never OK to stop evil but is OK to implement an agenda.

The crime is that the fantasy world they create is one these students try to implement 30 years after they graduate.  That is where we are now.  We are living in the fantasy that is liberal arts elite education.

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