Hold Your Pee, the New Target Superstore

Target, the massive department store chain that claims to want your shopping experience to be enjoyable and exciting, has now made sure that it is exciting.  This is especially true if you are a female.   Now, any guy that says they feel like a woman can hang out in Target store bathrooms.  The man who assaulted women in San Diego Big Lots would be allowed into the women’s bathrooms at Target without his even donning a Barbie outfit.  Just saying you feel like a women now opens the door to any Target women’s restroom.

In an effort to be “inclusive” Target has said that you can use the restroom for the sex with which you identify.  Men that feel like women can go into the women’s bathroom.  Just think how many curious teenage boys could use this to become voyeurs.  They just felt like women that day.  The reverse is true as well, women that feel like men can go into the men’s restroom.  It too opens the door for problems.

If we lived in a world where everyone told the truth and where there were no predators this might not be so bad.  That is not reality.  There are predators and there is evil.  Target has just made it easier for evil to prevail.

If you are a daughter,  grand daughter, wife, mother or single woman I would highly encourage not going to Target,  or if you do, making sure you do not use the restroom.  If you do not mind sharing your restroom with men, go ahead and go to Target.  Of course,  you could just go to Target and hold it.    Just don’t drink too much water first.



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