Scientists Create Mini-Pigs

Scientists Create Mini-Pigs was the one headline that seemed important to me today.  I guess politics has gotten down to a new low where this story makes more sense than anything else going on.   While Obama is claiming that CLIMATE CHANGE is our biggest problem, 94 million Americans are not working.  The weathermen/weatherwomen can’t tell us what the weather will be one week out yet those same scientists can tell us what will happen in 200 years and its URGENT.


Let’s not find people jobs.  Let’s let people continue to be impoverished by the latest implementation of Obamacare and lets deal  with CLIMATE CHANGE which has not had any real data to support it for 18 years.  That’s right, I am scared to death of CLIMATE CHANGE which will cause me to not have dinner in 200 years.  BIGGGG WOOP!

While we keep the borders open to drugs, terrorists and criminals that are killing American’s he says I should worry about global warming.  It’s so bad I needed a jacket in October in Alabama.  To hear Obama I should be getting a tan today.  According to Obama the crops would have all burned up by now.

Of course, his regulation’s have caused the cost of my food to go up so he can fund more people that are not working while he continues to warn us of CLIMATE CHANGE .  What is he doing about the cost of my food?  NADA.   Instead he helps Brazil make cheap ethanol taking jobs from this country.  He opposes the XL pipeline and costs Americans more jobs.

The news channels all know this.  It is with their help that Obama is able to put CLIMATE CHANGE over the needs of Americans.  It is with their help that he is able to pass illegal regulation after illegal regulation that the average American has to pay for.  If you are struggling to make ends meet, call CBS, NBC or ABC.  They fail to report the truth and propagate poverty in the US.  While each puts  “Climate Change” on top of their reporting, real people are struggling, the inner city is a blood bath and the plight of minorities is declining along with everyone else’s fortunes.


Tell that to the 1,000,000’s of aborted fetuses that Planned Parenthood profited from in the cast couple of years.  Tell that to the babies that have had their parts sold after they were born alive!!!

CLIMATE CHANGE is the myth of the century.  It’s the plan for controlling the populace,  for confiscating their property, for controlling the energy industry and in the end taking over all aspects of the country.  It is the freedom killer.  Why else would the EPA buy millions of dollars of  military equipment?  Equipment only used for war time operations.

People need to wake up and fight this tyranny.  When you hear “CLIMATE CHANGE” , think Stalin, forced relocation, nationalization and poverty.  That is where this government is leading us!!!!

Maybe I should just buy a Mini Pig, they are cute.

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