In Case You Missed It

Scientist can now reprogram your brain so you don’t believe in God.  What a victory for Satan!!!

Questioning Global Warming is a crime in France.

We have more starving fat kids than anywhere in the world.  If you believe the radio the kid next door is starving but we have more fat kids than anywhere else, but they are fat and unhealthy.  Perhaps we should all move to Sudan and try malnutrition.  It is all the rage.

NPR – is bashing the US while not fully disclosing the truth about Iran’s Nuclear Intentions.  This is one story of many.  What you won’t find is the statement by Iran’s supreme leader that he intends to destroy Israel and the US, that he continues to create armaments for Hezbollah that have and continue to kill Americans.

Bowing to political pressure and hype Walmart raised employee base pay and its profits tanked.  Ok, I am not a business major but if you raise your costs but don’t increase the value you deliver, you lose money.  It’s economics 101.  It’s the democratic progressive, socialist philosophy.  Bring everyone down.  Stockholders, pension plan holders and even those who had wages increases will now have less opportunity.

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