Distractions and Conspiracies

Today I was trying to focus on just thinking.  I was thinking about what my plans were for the next couple of years and I would love to say that I made a lot of progress, but that would be a lie.  Between the TV, the radio, the phone, Facebook, and my own random thoughts staying on track proved to be an impossible task.  Unfortunately, as a society that is the experience impacting anyone that wants to make a positive change.

We start with an idea and along comes a cute baby video,  a favorite TV show, a phone call and that idea is gone.  If that is not enough, the news bombards us with celebrity news as if these are people we should care about.  Should I care if someone I do not know and who I will never meet has her husband in a coma after he visits a brothel?  Aren’t there people closer to home, that I know, that I should be praying for and when possible doing for?  Sure are.

But while I am bombarded with news that is someone else’s reality show, hundreds are laid off in Brookwood, AL because no one was paying attention to the policies that impact us all. Life becomes more difficult for the average American while the majority are distracted by stupid people playing Evil Knievel on the internet.

We are all distracted.  It has become the American way of life.  Perhaps if we pay more attention Planned Parenthood would not be selling aborted fetal baby parts,  illegal aliens would not be killing people after they had been deported 5 times, and Chicago would not have 40 plus shootings on an average weekend.

Distraction is the conspiracy.  It is why more and more bad things happen.  I guess it’s time to pay attention.

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