The Arrogance of Science

Today is one of those days where as I work  to translate one file type to another file type I am able to take a moment and reflect on just how complex just this little task is.  It involves layers and layers of structure all designed to finally move ones and zeros across a wire.    The whole technological stack that results in the success of this project has been built up since the first application of using electricity.  It has taken countless men and women to move the technology to where it is today.  Even so, the materials, the components, the devices and the implementations of this did not come together by chance.  It took tremendous knowledge, masses of research and generations of dedication for these technologies to get to where they are today.

Scientists presume to explain the existence of the universe and more narrowly human life on this planet as the work of chance.    If that is the case, why have computers not come into existence by chance?  The materials that make up the building blocks of computers has been around for as long as the building blocks of life.  How is it that in ‘3 billion’ plus years we don’t see one electric wire?  We have not even seen on abacus come together by chance.    Nevertheless, scientist tell us that life occurred by chance, that the universe was an accident created from a huge randomizing event.    The specificity of how life is designed is a far cry from the this theory.

Why then is life the only thing that has ‘evolved’. Why have computers not evolved?  Oh, they have.  Their creators have contributed to their evolution.  It is just like with the global warming.  Scientists can’t get tomorrow’s forecast right a significant amount of the time, but they claim to know what the climate will be in 100 years.

It amazes me that so many scientists speak with authority when in reality they know so little.  Perhaps they ought to ask the creator.  That is what you do if you want to understand how a particular computer works.  Instead of denying that there is a creator and thinking it self assembled, you call the creator and ask how it works.  I guess if you deny that there is a creator, you might as well go back to voodoo, or wild ass guesses.

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